Kraken (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

A sea monster sealed by a nameless explorer decades ago. It whips its tentacles to attack.
Enemy Data
HP 30000
AT 80
DF 75
EXP 180000
Skills Death Tentacle, Tidal Wave, Restoration
Items Offset Funnel, Prisoner's Arm
Weakness Elemental Attacks, Strike
Resistance Slash, Stab
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Kraken is fought as a Superboss in Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. This monster is fought on B13F (Shrine's stalking ground) after completing a series of two previous quests, and accepting another one on the postgame. It is usually considered the weakest of the other two superbosses (Alraune and Anemone), and is the most defensive of the three.

This sea monster was sealed on the Abyssal Shrine, by an explorer named Elval, after he lost his friends on a failed attempt to slay it. The explorers, after proving themselves on a series of challenges, are asked by him to slay the beast and avenge his friend's deaths. Notably, Kraken is the only superboss who isn't threatening Armoroad in any way, the reason for the party hunting it being even a bit selfish.

Despite being the easiest of the game's Superbosses, Kraken is by no means a weak enemy. Having a gargantuan amount of HP and a pretty decent defense, this battle will be pretty long. Its attacks can hit pretty hard too, and it can even restore half of its max hp in battle, and can do so as many times it want. Kraken, however, has an extreme weakness: all its skills are leg (or tentacle) based. It means that, if you bind it's legs, the boss will be pretty much defenseless, not being able to attack or restore it's health.

Attacks Edit

  • Death Tentacle (uses legs): Hits the party randomly 10 times for heavy damage. Extremily dangerous, as the ammount of damage it deals is extremely high, and due to the amount of hits, characters using provokle/daifuhensha are very likely to die while tanking it.
  • Tidal Wave (uses legs): Very heavy, water elemental damage to the whole party.
  • Restoration (uses legs): Recover 15.000HP from Kraken. Uses when the health bar gets past the red point. It can use this skill as many times it needs to. Make sure to bind its legs or kill it before it can use the said skill.
  • Squid Press (uses legs): Heavy smash damage to the whole party.

Conditional Drop Edit

To get Kraken's conditional drop, the Prisoner's Arm, you must kill the Kraken while it's legs are bound. If you get this item, you wont drop its other drop, the Offset Funnel. If you want the other item, make sure to bring a formaldehyde or to be able to kill it fast enough, before it can restore its health.

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