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Kujura (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

A young general sworn to the Princess and the Senatus. Usually serene, but can be impulsive.
Enemy Data
HP 10480
AT 57
DF 49
EXP 24600
Skills Charge, Demon Reaper, Falcon Thrust, War Spirit, Ouka no Mai
Items Cursed Shard
Weakness None
Resistance Slash, Bash, Pierce, ailments, binds
Immune None
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If the party sides with the Abyssal King, then Kujura will fight them at the last floor of the Porcelain Forest for attempting to end his princess' life. He is the first of the two final battles, and his death will trigger Gutrune's transformation into the Deep Princess.

Despite fighting alone and the general fragility of his class, he proves himself a great challenge to the explorers.

He has no elemental weaknesses and resists physical damage. His most threatening skill is Ouka no Mai which can hit a single unit multiple times. War Spirit can also be problematic since it has a chance to cause paralysis. Demon Reaper targets the front row only so it's not much of a problem if they have a good defense (a Hoplite with Line Guard works very well here). He can Charge for higher damage in the next turn, defend to mitigate the damage. In short, protect the party against paralysis and you should be fine.

It's suggested to try to end this battle with high HP since the battle against the Deep Princess starts immediately after this one with no chance to heal or change equipment.

His item drop can be sold to create the Youtou Nihiru, his personal katana and one of the best weapons for Shoguns (until the lower reaches of the Cyclopean Haunt). Only one unit is created per drop, and to get more copies the player will have to repeat the Abyssal Desire route.

Battle Suggestions Edit

  • Monk with Refresh and Thearica B's (in case the Monk is paralyzed or confused)
  • Princess with Prevent Order
  • Slice Amulet/Slashed Mail (reduces Slash damage, protecting against all but one of Kujura's skills)
  • Cut Mist (same as above)

Skills Edit

  • Charge (Uses Head): Targets self, damage multiplied next turn.
  • Demon Reaper (Uses Arms): Targets front row, slash damage.
  • Falcon Thrust (Uses Arms): Targets one unit, pierce damage, quick to activate.
  • Ouka no Mai (Uses Legs): Random target, strikes multiple times, deals slash damage.
  • War Spirit (Uses Head): Targets all units, ATK down and can paralyze or confuse.

Drops Edit

  • Cursed Shard (Worth: 4120 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.