Kuyutha (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

A large bull that will charge at the slightest provocation. Approach it with great caution.
Enemy Data
HP 350
AT 48
DF 27
EXP 301
Skills Rampage
Items Metal Horn, Large Fang
Weakness Pierce
Resistance None
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Kuyutha first appears on B2F as a FOE, there are two of them on the B2F and only one of them on the B3F.  This enemy patrols a path much like the Ragelope on the same floors does, but when it is facing towards the player and sees the player it will chase him.

They also, for the most part, fight like a Ragelope does. The primary difference is that this monster has slightly more health and instead of Screaming it will use its skill, Rampage. This skill will randomly hit around three people on your team. It is recommended to fight them with Poison, or otherwise use Bows to exploit a weakness and it's low health. You should not fight it if your team's armor and level are weak.

For beginning players, the best way to migitate the damage it does is to have better armor and enough levels to get the HP to take the hits. Immunize from a Medic and/or Defender from the Protector can minimize the damage. If you cannot defeat it quickly with a beginning party, run away.

Skills Edit

  • Rampage (Uses Arms): Deals damage to a single party member.

Drops Edit

  • Metal Horn (Worth:36 en)
  • Large Fang (Worth: 250 en)

Conditional Drops Edit

  • None.

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  • Although these monsters didn't appear as enemies in Etrian Odyssey III, they can still be summoned as allies by wildlings.