Largebill (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

A monstrous bird with an insatiable appetite. It ambushes its prey from above.
Enemy Data
HP 225
AT 15
DF 9
EXP 498
Skills Chomp
Items Green Feather
Weakness Pierce
Resistance Fire
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Largebills are first encountered on the 2nd floor of the Waterfall Woods.

Their Chomp attack can easily kill off low-level adventurers, and they have high durability compared to most monsters on the first stratum. Fortunately, Largebills only appear during daylight hours, so it is recommended to simply adventure at night to avoid them (where they are replaced by less dangerous Gigapedes).

Skills Edit

  • Chomp (Uses ???): Deals damage.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related Monsters Edit

Largebill (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

A giant bird with an insatiable hunger. It is at the top of its habitat's food chain.
Enemy Data
HP 507
AT 30
DF 25
EXP 3598
Skills Diving Press
Items Green Feather, Largebill Bone
Weakness Pierce, Volt
Resistance Fire
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The Largebill inhabits B3F of the Misty Ravine and the Noisy Marsh. Its Diving Press can significantly damage the front row.

Skills Edit

  • Diving Press (Uses Legs): Inflicts Bash damage on a row of party members.

Related MonstersEdit

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