I'd like to see what I can make for my customers at the inn if I had a potful of tasty fish from the Cloudy Stronghold.


Quest GuideEdit

At the Dancing Peacock, when you accept this quest Kitirda will tell you the following:

"That request was reserved specially for your guild! The client is none other than Dalla. Did you see the large pot haning outside? It was specially made, from materials from the labyrinth. This time she wants you to take that pot and catch five fish found in the Cloudy Stronghold. You know the reason that Dalla requested your guild, yes? I am counting on you."

At the end of the dialogue, you obtain the Special Pot. To complete the quest, wander around the Cloudy Stronghold and check all the fishing points you find. Keep doing so until you have gathered five fish, and put them in the pot. Note that if you do not choose to put the fish in the pot they will be automatically sold upon your return to Tharsis.

When you have gathered the necessary five fish, return and report the results of your quest to Kirtida. Additional rewards are given if you put in more Dragon Carp.


  • Increased storage space

If no Dragon Carp were turned in:

  • Exp: 3,200 per member

If 1 Dragon Carp was turned in:

  • Exp: 3,700 per member

If 2 or more Dragon Carp was turned in:

  • Exp: 4,000 per member
  • Bonus: Medica III x2

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