Leviathan (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Enemy Data
HP 17440
AT 65
DF 61
Skills Tie Up, Fumes, Cold Wave, Overeat, Fuming Snort
Items Dragon Weave, Tsunami Fang (Rare)
Weakness Ice, Slash
Resistance Fire, Volt, Bash, Pierce
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Leviathan is a boss of Ugarit's sea quests.

Leviathan is the strongest sea boss, not counting the Elder Dragon. It hosts a variety of attacks with nasty side effects. Either a hoplite with maxed anti-fire or anti-cold or Zodiac with fire and ice prophecies is highly recommended.

Skills Edit

  • Tie Up: Physical(bash?) damage to all, may bind legs, arms and head
  • Fumes: Fire damage to one row
  • Cold Wave: Ice damage to random targets, may stun
  • Overeat: Slash damage to one target, steals hp
  • Fuming Snort: Accuracy down + rot to all

Rare Drop Edit

  • The Tsunami Fang has a low drop rate, but there is no specific condition for obtaining the drop.

Related Monsters Edit

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