There's a monster that brings good luck to whoever defeats it. But I couldn't... Won't someone...
(Quest) Lexxy's Request - Complete

Lexxy's Quest QR code

Requirements Edit

  • Recommended Level 3

Quest Guide Edit

This request comes from a fellow explorer who had difficulties defeating the creature and ended up being found all bloodied and hospitalized! The lady at the bar tells you that the incomplete message must mean she wants you to defeat the creature in her place. You have to hunt down this vicious creature and defeat it!

Head on out to C/4-4/2, and the game notes that the creature runs away on sight. To be able to attack it, you need to place non-poisonous food of any kind onto the island. Use of a Foodapult equipment is necessary. Once that is successful, the monster emerges and begins eating, allowing you to ambush it - the Mega Pooka.

Though it has very little HP, if you wish to defeat it quickly and hopefully avoid it's Charge/Rush combination, it's best to use attacks that do Untyped damage (or ignore physical defenses) like a Runemaster's Origin Rune, a Sniper's Silver Arrow, an Arcanist's Dismiss Blast, or (if you've completed the storyline) an Imperial's Accel Drive which will pretty much knock it out easily.

On defeat, the Mega Pooka dissolves into 5 Books - one for each stat.

Once you report your results the lady at the bar tells you Lexxy is just fine and it was a nose bleed which is why she was bloodied up. Her unfinished note was instructing the quest-take to capture it as a pet, but she also notes that since you beat it, luck is on your side.


  • Reward: Lexxy's Shield
  • Exp: 250 per member
  • Bonus: Intelligence, Vigor, Power, Speed, and Luck Book

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