Longisquama is a lizard enemy found on the Untold series.

Etrian Odyssey Untold Edit

A lizard with winglike fins along its back. The tail has a poisonous tip, so take care if you see one.
Enemy Data
HP 236
AT 17
DF 14
EXP ???
Skills Tail Whip
Items Stretchy Feather, Cut Feathers
Weakness None
Resistance All elemental
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The Longisquama can be found on the Primitive Jungle. They are not to be taken lightly, as not only can they decrease your party's attack with Tail Whip, but their standard attack is also poisonous.

Skills Edit

  • Tail Whip (Uses legs): Reduces the attack power of the entire party.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To get the Longisquama's conditional drop, the Cut Feathers, you must defeat them with a cut attack.

Locations Edit

  • Emerald Grove: B5F (Shadow in the Grove quest)
  • Primitive Jungle: B6F - B7F

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Edit

A lizard with feather-like frills. Its tail can cause weakness if it catches you!
Enemy Data
HP 760
AT 41
DF 29
Skills Tail Whip
Items Bendy Wings
Weakness Poison
Resistance Pierce, Elemental Attacks, Instant Death, Blind
Immune None
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Longisquama is an enemy found on the secret area of the Ancient Forest.

These enemies can be a big threat in combat, as their Tail Whip attack can deal heavy damage to a single target and adjacent party members, as well as reducing their attack power. This, coupled with the fact that they resist all forms of attacks excluding bash and slash, can make them very tough to kill. Plus they often attack in groups, and can quickly wear your party down with their powerful attacks. Having means to buff the attack power of your characters or remove debuffs is a good way to counter this. They are also vulnerable to poison, which can help wearing them down, and inflicting them with leg bind will stop their Tail Whip attack.

Skills Edit

  • Tail Whip (uses legs): Deals heavy damage to a single target, splash damage to adjacent characters and reduces their attack power.

Trivia Edit

  • Longisqama were actually a species of lizard in the Triassic period; however, they have been extinct for many millions of years.

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