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Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.
Lost Shinjuku

The Lost Shinjuku is the fifth stratum of Etrian Odyssey.

This lost city of the old has been taken away by the nature. Its completely abandoned, and now monsters roam away freely on it. It also has very advanced technology, way more than the one you have back in Etria. As you explore it, you find the reasons of its destruction, the true nature of the labyrinth, and even the mastermind behind the events which took place.

Music The Capital of Shinjuku03:59

Music The Capital of Shinjuku

It is home of some of the most powerful creatures of the labyrinth.


  • The building that the stratum take place may be the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which is composed of two twin towers. Said building represents Shinjuku world-wide, plus on popular culture its used on post apocalyptic stories in order to easily indentify the destroyed city, which easily related to the game context. 

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