Found in the Golden Lair. The Magma Spawn gains strength from heat and is defenseless to the cold; its forms reflect this.

A Magma Spawn has two different monstrous codex entries to support both forms.

Cooled Form (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Magma Spawn
A Magma Spawn that has lost its powers inside the frozen cave. In this state, it is harmless.
Enemy Data
HP 1
AT 26
DF 23
EXP 777
Skills None
Items Hardened Lava
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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Completely harmless. Appears when the large glowing scales in the Golden Lair have been destroyed with an Ice Stake.

Related MonstersEdit

Regular Form (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Magma Spawn
A magma monster from the earth's bowels. It is extremely vulnerable to the cold.
Enemy Data
HP 426
AT 33
DF 35
EXP 3037
Skills lava lump
Items Hardened Lava, Scorch Stone (Conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Slash, Pierce, Bash, Fire
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The Magma Spawn gains strength when a given floor of Golden Lair is heated by the large glowing scales.

Skills Edit

  • Lava Lump (Uses Head): Inflicts Fire damage on a row of party members.

Conditional DropEdit

The Magma Spawn will drop the Scorch Stone if it is defeated by a physical attack.

Related MonstersEdit

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