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EO1MapIconDoor Door
EO1MapIconEvent Event
EO1MapIconStairsDown Stairs Down
EO1MapIconStairsUp Stairs Up
EO1MapIconTreasure Treasure
EO1MapIconWarp Warp
EO1MapIconPit Pit
EO1MapIconGeomagneticField Geomagnetic Field
EO1MapIconHealingSpring Healing Spring
EO1MapIconUpArrow Shortcut
EO1MapIconItemPoint Item Point
EO1MapIconChop Chop
EO1MapIconMine Mine
EO1MapIconTake Take
EO1MapIconFlowerBoat Flower Boat
EO1MapTab1 EO1MapTab2 EO1MapTab3 EO1MapTab4 EO1MapTab5 EO1MapTab6 EO1MapTab7
EO1MapIconStairsDownStairs. Lead to B2F.
EO1MapIconTreasureMedica II
EO1MapIconTreasure200 en
EO1MapIconTreasurePlumed Hat
EO1MapIconDoorLocked with Clear Crystal seal.
EO1MapIconDoor EO1MapIconFOERagelope EO1MapIconTreasureMedica II
EO1MapIconEventYou can find a boot here with something in it. Upon inspecting the party will get attacked by 3 moles. The party will then also receive the Whitestone in the boot.
EO1MapIconTreasureNectar II
EO1MapIconTreasureGem Staff
EO1MapIconDoorLocked with Violet Crystal Seal.
EO1MapIconDoor EO1MapIconFOERagelope EO1MapIconTreasureRapier
EO1MapIconDoor EO1MapIconFOERagelope EO1MapIconTreasure500 en
EO1MapIconChopChop - Hardwood, Mugwort, Red Fruit
EO1MapIconEventThe party can rest here. Upon doing so, they will get ambushed by 3 Venomflies.
EO1MapIconLeftRightArrowFirst unlocked from the Eastern side.
EO1MapIconChopChop - Hardwood, Mugwort, Red Fruit
EO1MapIconRightArrowUnlocked after completing 1st Stratum.
EO1MapIconStairsUpStairs up. Lead out of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
EO1MapIconEventThere is a spring here. Drink water here to recover 10 TP as many times as desired, but only at night.

Entrances and ExitsEdit

  • E2a2 - Stairs up. These go to town.
  • A1b2 - Stairs down. These go to B2F.


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