"The Marine City of Sheba had cut its relations to other countries. Though the new sea lane has reopened communication, the monster-filled whirlpool is a threat." -Sea Quest Description

Steps Edit

Sea Quests Edit

The 100-year grudge Edit

Laura: Level 38 Seeking Her Lineage (Hoplite) - (Front Row)

Fishy currents Edit

Tokashiki: Level 35 Ayutthaya Fishermen (Buccaneer) - (Back Row)

Ouha: Level 36 Ayutthaya Fishermen (Buccaneer) - (Front Row)

The weight of love Edit

Mito: Level 33 Sagari Arrow (Prince) - (Front Row)

Skaide: Level 32 Sagari Arrow (Knight) - (Front Row)

Kirks: Level 35 Sagari Arrow (Zodiac) - (Back Row)

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