Maul (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

Similar to the Mole, but with sharper nails. Be on guard for

their powerful swipes.

Enemy Data
HP 572
AT 223
DF 107
EXP 1320
Skills Clawing
Items Space Nail
Weakness Volt
Resistance Ice, Leg Bind
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Mauls are pretty much the same as Moles with a huge HP, Attack, and Defense Boost. Mauls begin appearing on the B21F and can also be seen on the rest of the floors on this stratum, except the B24F. They come in greater numbers and with more and stronger companions as you go down the floors.

The enemy has no special skills to note of as long as you defeat it quickly. It will use Clawing when it is close to death, which is a party attack that does slightly more damage than the Maul normally does. This makes the Maul the least threatening enemy on this stratum.

Skills Edit

  • Clawing (Uses ???): Hits the entire party for moderate damage.

Drops Edit

  • Space Nail

Related Monsters Edit

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