Mega Pooka (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Mega Pooka
Pooka Rain
A legendary organism sought by many an explorer. Truly, it is a wonder of the world...
Enemy Data
HP 100
AT 7
DF 12
EXP 10
Skills Healing, Charge, Rush
Items None
Weakness None
Resistance Bash, All ailments and binds
Immune Cut, Stab, Fire, Ice, Volt
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Mega Pooka is a one-of-a-kind boss monster that appears on an island in the Windy Plains only after accepting a special QR quest, Lexxy's Quest. The reward for this quest is Lexxy's Shield.

While it doesn't drop any items in battle, the player is guaranteed to obtain one of every type of book after a successful battle.

This quest was developed by Atlus for their outsourced artist, Alexandra Douglass. You can accept the quest by visiting the Cargo Wharf and scanning the QR code pictured on the quest page.

Although it has no weaknesses, it is highly vulnerable to untyped damage and the Sniper "Silver Arrow" attack. All other attacks do barely any damage.

Mega Pooka can be easily taken out by a party that is higher than level 15 on average.

Skills Edit

  • Healing (Uses Head): Heals itself for about 80 HP.
  • Charge (Uses Head): Doubles the strength of its next physical attack.
  • Rush (Uses Legs): Strong melee bash attack to a row.
  • Rampage (Uses Legs): 3-4 melee stab attacks to different random targets.
  • Diving Press (Uses Legs): Melee bash attack to a row.
  • Lightning Call (Uses Head): Ranged volt attack to a target.
  • Icicle (Uses Head): Ranged ice attack to a target.
  • Poison Dust (Uses Head): May poison the entire party.
  • Stone Eye (Uses Head): May petrify the entire party.

Drops Edit

  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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