Meregho Saeno (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Meregho Saeno
[[image:Meregho saeno.png|]]
A monster bird that nests on Skandalia Lighthouse. It has troubled research teams for many years.
Enemy Data
HP 736
AT 14
DF 11
EXP 1989
Skills Panic Claw, Godly Flash, Thunder Feather
Items Slashing Nail, Eastern Nest (Conditional)
Weakness Ice, Pierce
Resistance Volt, Slash
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Meregho Saeno is the sea boss monster that is fought on the Skandalia Lighthouse sea quests. It was the responsible for the destruction of most ships that were getting to close to the lighthouse.

Skills Edit

  • Panic Claw (Uses Arms): Deals medium damage and confuses one target.
  • Godly Flash (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to one target.
  • Thunder Feather (Uses Head): Deals heavy, volt based damage to one row.

Drops Edit

  • Slashing Nail (Worth: 80 en)
  • None.
  • Eastern Nest (Worth: 500 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To get its rare drop, the Eastern Nest, you must kill it while its arm is bound.

Strategy Edit

This can be quite a troublesome boss, make sure your party to be at least at level 5.

Its attack power is somewhat high, as is its HP. Also it is resistant to both volt and slash, although having weakness against ice and pierce.

Panic Claw deals moderate damage, and has high chance of confusing the target, which can be dangerous if your healer or the party's damage dealer is hit. Godly Flash is dangerous too, as it deals much higher damage. Luckily, it does not confuses the victim. Thunder Feather is its most dangerous attack, dealing high volt elemental damage (a bit less than Godly Flash) to one row.

Having a monk with Healing and Refresh is helpful, as the monster attacks hit hard, and confuse can be annoying. Theriaca B helps too if you can't cast refresh. A prince(ss) with Prevent Order and Guard Order makes the battle easier to survive too.

For offense, the best is a Zodiac with Ice Star and an Arbalist with Heavy Shot, both dealing good damage to the boss. Keep in mind that it resists both slash (swords and daggers) and volt elemental attacks.

If you are aiming for its rare drop, your best options are Gladiator's Arm Breaker, Wildling's Call Snake and Farmer's Strange Seeds. Also, make sure to use those only when its HP is low, since it heals from the bind in 2-3 turns.

Quest 1Edit

On this quest, you will be paired with Kirikaze, a ninja well versed in the art of using illusions in battle. She can use Bunshin, to create a clone of herself on any empty slot of the party, Kagenui, that deals moderate damage to the boss, and may bind its legs (with is useless, since it doesn't have any leg skill), and may use a medica when its HP gets low, although it will only use the said item on herself.

Kirikaze is actually pretty useful. It deals moderate damage to the boss, and since she uses a shadow clone, it can deal quite a good damage. Its only problem is its low defense and hp, meaning you must do your best healing her, if you want the damage support.

Bringing someone to heal and a hoplite is good, although don't bring a fully defensive party, as, even though the damage is good, Kirikaze cant kill the boss by itself. Since she starts on the back row, bringing a good meele fighter on the front row wont hurt also. Also, don't bring any ninjas with Bunshin or wildlings with summons, useless you can outdamage Kirikaze.

If you bring a monk you will only have one open stop on the back line, so bring your best damage dealers. A zodiac or a arbalist is useful. You can also bring a gladiator for the front line, although it is resistant to slash, so clubs are your best options.

Overall, bringing a balanced party, with both defensive and ofensive characters, will ensure you a relatively easy win.

Quest 2Edit

Quest 3Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Meregho Saeno name is based on the Persian deity Simurgh, whose name derives from the Avestan mərəγō Saēnō, meaning the "The Bird Saēna".