Miasma Bud (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Miasma Bud
Miasma Bud
A dangerous flower in the Porcelain Forest that has a symbiotic relationship with some monsters.
Enemy Data
HP 1112
AT 51
DF 53
EXP 3898
Skills Stinky Mist, ?Summon?
Items Biting Vine
Weakness Fire
Resistance None
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Miasma Buds are only encountered on B20F. If left unattended for too long, they will summon Rotten Fruit and use a combo attack, Stinky Mist, together with them.

Skills Edit

  • Stinky Mist (Uses head): Hits the entire party and has a chance to bind the Legs and to cause plague. Can only be used in combination with Rotten Fruits.
  • Miasma Buds are also able to summon 1 - 2 Rotten Fruits.

Related Monsters Edit

  • Titan Arum
  • Rotten Fruit - Together with Rotten Fruit(s), Miasma Buds can use Stinky Mist. Miasma Buds can also summon Rotten Fruits.

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