The Midgard Library is a special library association that collects information and history from around the world. The Library is speculated to be located somewhere within Japan since Flavio once stated that many Sakura trees grow near Midgard. Several members from the Midgard Library are sent all over the world in order to solve mysteries, collect lost books and artifacts, collect information, and assist with several cities in their problems. Not only do they archive information, but the Library also heavily invests in housing orphans and children, educating them in the arts, archives, combat, and many other things.

So far, the Midgard Library has been mentioned only within the Untold series.

Departments Edit

  • Historical Reproduction Department - This department is in charge of reproducing, recovering, and preserving lost historical artifacts and events. It was mentioned by Flavio in EO2U when the group were discussing about recreating the lost recipes of the late famous Labyrinth chef, Apicius.
  • Student Union - Although not yet specified to be an official Department of Midgard, it is definitely at least a branch of it. The Student Union is in charge of educating the students of Midgard and housing them. A popular treat of the Union is the Fried Pie.

Confirmed Members Edit

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