The Mimic is a peculiar FOE found solely on Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Edit

Creature that disguises itself as prized objects and devours passers-by. Keep your guard up!
Enemy Data
HP 6890
AT 39
DF 27
EXP 10000
Skills Glutton
Items Deceptive Jaw
Weakness Panic
Resistance Elemental Attacks, Instant Death, Petrify
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Mimics are FOEs found on a hidden area of B4F. That area can only be accessed by accepting the A clever ruse quest.

These cunning enemies disguise themselves as treasure chests, ambushing ambitious adventurers seeking treasure. On the map they are impossible to discern from normal chests. However, you can easily identify a Mimic using the FOE proximity radar, located at the left side of the random encounter radar. If more than one treasure chests are close to one another, try approaching the chest from different angles, and deduce which of them are FOEs in disguise based on the results of the radar.

Another simple way to identify the mimics is to leave and enter the room, while trying to look at the treasure chests. If an exclamation point pops out of the chest, that means it is a Mimic in disguise. This will not work for the treasure chests deeper in the room however.

Luckily, Mimics aren't very powerful in combat. Their only attack is Glutton, which deals heavy damage to a single target. Having a evasion tank easily nullify any threat coming from this enemy. Binding their head stops them from using Glutton. Also, do be careful, since if there are any adjacent Mimics to your position when you start a fight, they will join it.

Hidden in a chest guarded by several Mimics at the end of this secret area is the Yggdrasil Key, an item that will allow the player to open previously locked doors and discover the wonders - and threats - behind them.

Skills Edit

  • Glutton (uses head): Powerful bash attack to 1 target. Low accuracy.

Trivia Edit

  • Mimics are a very popular kind of enemy in rpg games. They often disguise themselves or hide inside treasure chests, and most of the times are very powerful, but drop rare items upon defeat.

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