Minister Dubois
Character minister large
Personal Details
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Regina (Granddaughter)
Professional Details
Affiliation Minister of the Grand Duchy
Voice Actors
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Minister Dubois is the Minister of the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard, the governing body of High Lagaard. He is the spokesperson of the Grand Duchy to the common citizens and also the main representative of the people for the Grand Duchy. He is the main connection between the common people and the Duchy. Minister Dubois observes the population and assigns the missions that occur in Etrian Odyssey II in order to help the people.

Personality Edit

Dubois is very caring of everyone around him. Despite his position as the Duke's minister, he likes to joke at times and reminiscence about his youth. He loves his family very much. He even supports the wishes of his granddaughter, Regina, when she wanted to become independent. He believes that there are times when people like his family should find the answer to their personal life struggle, as when he told the protagonist's guild that his granddaughter must find the answers to her problems when she was handling a restaurant. Thus, he respects the ideals of others. He also wishes to uphold his duties to treat everyone equally, as he couldn't help the protagonist's guild find a gift for Quona because of his duties, but instead gave them the suggestion of asking others. He's sensitive about the state of the city and its people, as he was worried when Lady Gradriel told the protagonist and his friends about the Duke's illness, since it was meant to be kept secret to the people.

History Edit

Minister Dubois has supposedly been within the ranks of the Grand Duchy for decades. In the events of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, he reveals to the party that he was greatly involved in the first explorations of High Lagaard's Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

In his younger days, he led the High Lagaard's forces. He was renowned for his military prowess. This is what led him to be chosen as the leader to the first exploration group that is to explore the Labyrinth when it first appeared in High Lagaard.

When Dubois first entered the Labyrinth, he was dispatched with a legion of soldiers to protect him and fight off the monsters that could possibly appear. Among them was Marion, the soon to be guild master of High Laagard, who worked as part of the first exploration group. Nevertheless, the soldiers proved too weak for the dangers of the labyrinth and Dubois states that around half of the group was killed in that first dispatch. It was then when Dubois decided that it was far too dangerous to explore the Labyrinth any longer. Despite this, explorers soon came exploring the labyrinth and turned it into a source of livelihood for both them and the city.

Years later, he became the minister of High Lagaard for the Duke. He looked after the affairs of the city, and assisted the Duke and his daughter, Lady Gradriel. He had a family, whom among them is Regina. He deeply loves his family, but was surprised when Regina wanted independence from both her family and her status. Even so, he still loves her and does whatever he can to support her from behind, while still upholding his granddaughter's wishes.

One day, the Duke fell ill with unknown sickness. No matter what the doctors do, they could not find a cure for him. Dubois and the other high officials were forced to rely on the only option left, find a cure that is believed to be found within the legendary Flying Castle at the top of the labyrinth.

Some time later, he received news from the ruler of Caledonia that his daughter, Arianna, would come to High Lagaard to perform the ceremony done by the royal family ever 100 years. He also informed him that two members from the Midgard Library, the Fafnir Knight and Flavio, would come as well to be Arianna's escorts. Dubois then began preparations for their arrivals.

Law and Order Edit

After some research, it was discovered that the thief that was responsible for the events in "Just Out of Reach" and "The Sun Shines Down" was a criminal in four other countries. Furthermore, he was sited at the first floor of the Labyrinth, near the entrance. Dubios then sent a request to the protagonist's guild via Bar to assist on apprehending him. He gave Cass the Tranquil Flute to hand over to the Fafnir Knight to assist him when confronting the thief and his mind-controlled monsters. Dubios then met up with the protagonist's guild outside the bar and explained the situation. He told them that he will led the soldiers to defend the entrance in case the thief sends his monsters to attack High Lagaard. Noticing the guild members' surprise, he laughed and explained about his past as a renowned leader of the military. He then sends them off with a request to stop the outlaw, and then when to his post to lead the defense.

Trivia Edit

  • He apparently believes in ghosts.

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