I need Ice Crystals to heal a young patient of mine. Adventurers of Tharsis, I need your strength to save her life.


  • Load clear data.

Quest GuideEdit

Journey to the Sacred Mountains. There, Kirjonen will meet you and discuss the plan - he and the client will drive out the Blizzard King, and while it roams the Sacred Mountains, it will drop Ice Crystals, 5 of which are needed to complete the quest. Once 5 crystals are obtained, meet Kirjonen at the marked rendezvous point to complete the quest. Do not return to town or the Ice Crystals are automatically sold.

The Blizzard King will not disappear from the map, so if the player is skilled at maneuvering around it, they can take this opportunity to harvest even more Crystals to rake in a tidy profit.


  • Exp: 10,000 per member.
  • Items: Amrita III

Related QuestsEdit

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