Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.

Entrance ExaminationEdit

Map F1. Pretty simple., the Gashtor FOE will ignore you completely. Then the guards let you explore more. Reward: 200en

Find the Missing GuardsEdit

Go to Floor3, work your way past the Stalkers, go up and left towards C3. The FOEs will circle around their pillars and the last guard is hiding in the passage/room past the FOE that stays in one spot. Use the Lurebell you should have been given and on the way out, take the shortcut at the end of the passage. Reward: 500en

Chimaera, king of beastsEdit

Work counter-clockwise around Floor 5, the Chimaera is the Black FOE. Two-hit is its most annoying skill, if you want to get really rich off its rare drop, poison the Chimaera. Slaveimps will slowly work their way toward you after you engage the Chimaera and make the battle many times harder thanks to blaze abuse. Try to finish off the fight quickly by going into it with everyone's Force Gauges maxed out. Afterward, visit Kurogane where you found him before, and now you can create the Beast class. Reward: 1,500en

In Pursuit of SalamoxEdit

For God's sakes whatever you do, DON'T FIGHT THE SALAMOX!! It's listed as a post-game boss for a reason. On Floor 8 go to the part that was mapped for you, and then follow these instructions after entering the door: take one step to the east, two north, two steps west, two steps east, four steps south, two steps west, two steps north, and three steps to the west. Then escape on your WARPWIRE (there is actually a secret one-way path that can take you out if you don't have a Warp Wire; it's in the narrow path where it's considered Salamox's den. Be sure to look south, paying heed to the command prompt to change). Reward: 3,000en

Extinguish the HellionEdit

On Floor 10 fight your way to E2, where you'll find the Hellion. The fight is made somewhat difficult by all of Hellion's mult-hit moves, as well as the Terror and Confusion it can cause. Keep in mind that it is weak to ice, and one of two bosses NOT immune to instant death (which in fact gives you its rare drop and makes you super rich for right now). Reward: 5,000en

Pluck the Snow Blooms Edit

The quest is to get 4 Flower to brew an antidote for the Duke. The locations for those Flowers are: B2, B5, C4, E5. Note that the flowers can only be picked at night; if you try to get them at day, the message will state, that you have to come back after sun dawn.

Reward: 8,000en