This is the Explorers Guild. I need someone to defeat a monster last seen on the B1F of Misty Ravine, between 7 and 9 AM.

Mist monster (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit


Quest GuideEdit

This is a very simple and easy quest, your best bet in order to get this quest done is to stay at the Inn until morning. When you set out for the Misty Ravine head to D/5-1/4, automatically you'll be prompted that you see a fog monster! So gather your strength and step forward into the dead end and check it. Suddenly you realize that there wasn't a monster at all it was just the way the light was reflecting in the fog of the Ravine.


  • Reward (from the Bar): Pranayama Guide (Burst Skill)
  • Reward (from the Guild): Extra Burst Skill slot
  • Exp: 9000 pts.

Similar RequestEdit

  • Find the demonic voice - People in the Sacred Mountains report hearing a demon's voice, and it's scaring people. Go find out what's behind it.

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