Forgotten song of yearning
Endless paths in the maze
A duty that must be forsaken
The thick mist and unvarying scenery disorient many explorers.

Floor descriptions, Misty Ravine

Misty Ravine is the second Labyrinth found in the Scarlet Pillars. In order to reach this dungeon you must first visit the Miasma Forest and obtain the Night Shard to receive medium level elevation. This  dungeon can be extremely confusing as there are many sudden warp points with absolutely no warning. It is HIGHLY recommended that you maintain your map very well in this dungeon, and find some way to mark where the warp points are (the number markers are the most helpful), as otherwise it is extremely easy to get lost.

Gather PointsEdit

Chop B1FEdit

  • Mahogany
    • Easy to work with and dries quickly
    • 45 en
  • Jet-Black Pith
    • Beautiful black wood that's useful timber.
    • 100 en

Take B2FEdit

  • Mint
    • An herb that grows in misty forests
    • 45 en
  • Crane Gensing
    • A rare medicinal herb from the Misty Ravine
    • 100 en

Mine B3FEdit

  • Corundum
    • An ore that's hard to melt even in high heat
    • 45 en
  • Dolomite
    • Absorbent white rock used in construction.
    • 100 en

Mine B3F (Secret Area)Edit

  • Unknown Metal
    • A piece of shattered metal
    • 350 en
  • Tourmaline
    • An ore that becomes electrified when heated.
    • 1100 en



  • E/5-1/3: Fight a few Hollows to save the Medium
  • B/4-1/3: Vessel Village
  • D/5-3/4: Defeat the Mist Monster between 7 and 9am (Part of the quest: Mist monster)
  • B/4-2/2: Watch over the Medium to fight the Heavenbringer again (Post-Game only)
  • B/4-2/4: Talk to the Vessel to learn why they saved the Imperial Prince. (Post-Game only)



B3F (Secret Area)Edit

  • A/7-2/3: Talk to the Vessel and get ambushed
  • F/4-3/5: Misty Ravine Throne
  • E/7-1/4: Yggdrasil Book 3
  • E/4-5/4: Water Book (Read to solve the quest Key for the Capital)


Small Chest B1FEdit

  • E/4-4/3: Volt Hammer

Small Chest B2FEdit

  • E/6-1/2: Power Hammer
  • C/4-3/2: Leg Hammer

Small Chest B3FEdit

  • C/5-5/5: Fairy Boots
  • D/4-1/4: Stone Hammer (Locked; Great Tree Key needed)

Monsters FoundEdit




B3F (Secret Area)Edit

FOEs PresentEdit

B1F, B2F, B3FEdit

B2F, B3FEdit

B3F (Secret Area)Edit


  • Mist monster - This is the Explorers Guild. I need someone to defeat a monster last seen on B1F of Misty Ravine, between 7 and 9AM.
  • Slay the illusionist! - There's a monster on the B2F of the Misty Ravine that uses some werid spell to mess with our surveys. Put it down for us!