Yggdrasil LabyrinthEdit

Ancient ForestEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Forest Snail A small forest denizen that retreats into its shell when in danger. 1 69 6 7 Panic Curse (Hard Shell) Carapace Piece (Hiding Snail)
Hedgehog A small forest rodent whose body is covered in needles, with which it pierces the unwary. 1 75 7 5 Bash, Fire, Blind Pierce (Desperate Needle) Rat Needle
Mole A breed of mole who only surfaces to hunt for prey. Beware its razor-sharp claws. 1 80 8 6 Ice, Paralyze Blind -- Mole Claw, Soft Fur
Crawler A caterpillar of unusual size that relies on its spinnerets to ensnare adventurers. 1 200 12 8 Fire, Poison Paralyze (Ensnaring Web) Small Nail
Venomfly Do not underestimate the deadly poison this creature carries... 2 96 6 7 Pierce, Volt, Arm Bind Poison (Poison Powder) Venomous Wing (Still Venomfly)
Sunflower A floral monster that grows in the outer areas of the woods. It absorbs power from sunlight. 2 86 5 7 Slash, Stun Fire, Leg Bind Solar Flame Ray Flower, Perfect Thorn*
Roller A critter with a tough hide. It curls up in a ball to ram enemies. 2 97 8 9 Bash, Leg Bind Slash, Pierce, Fear (Rolling) Gum Hide, Shell Wart (Round Roller)
Giant Ladybug An enormous ladybug. If it is in danger, it can emit a smell to attract ferocious monsters. 2 100 8 7 Pierce, Volt, Sleep Head Bind -- Spotted Carapace
Wild Wing A carnivore that soars through the sky. You would be wise to use cold attacks... 3 167 13 10 Ice, Blind Sleep (Beaked Rush) Wyvern Skull, Frozen Bone*
Cube Gel An unusual life-form whose viscous, liquid body is very difficult to damage. 84 9 8 Fire, Ice, Volt, Poison Physical, Panic, Arm Bind, Leg Bind Stomach Acid Gel Core
Hypnosis Owl A giant owl with unique feather markings. It can put its foes to sleep. 4 110 6 8 Pierce, Volt, Sleep, Head Bind Blind (Sleep Powder) Large Feather, Owl Beak (Owl Cartilage)
Flying Lizard A winged lizard that glides to build momentum and delivers a shattering kick. 4 119 11 9 Fear Paralyze (Dive Kick) Glue Hide
King Snail The king of all snails, whose magnificent shell changes attributes when electrified. 5 343 13 11 Panic Curse Snail March Metal Hull, Electric Shell*
Rafflesia A man-eating plant that emanates a venomous pollen. 5 362 12 11 Slash, Fire, Curse Pierce, Ice, Poison (Poison Pollen), (Freezing Snare) Huge Petal (Giant Bud)
Longisquama A lizard with feather-like frills. Its tail can cause weakness if it catches you! 1,2,3 (locked door) 760 41 29 Poison Pierce, Elemental, Death, Blind (Tail Whip) Bendy Wings
Raptor Lord A savage creature with a bedazzling horn, it is among the most dangerous denizens of the forest. 1,2,3 (locked door) 1684 44 34 Ice Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Head Bind (Cruel Fangs) Glittering Tail, Severed Horn*
Thunder Rabbit A rabbit that can summon lightning bolts. Fortunately, it is less apt at close range. 1,2 (locked door) 456 37 27 Physical, Fear Elemental, Stun, Poison, Blind, (Head Bind) (Heaven's Bolt) Snow Teeth, Chattering Tooth*


Name Type Found on Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Ragelope FOE 1,5 With its magnificent horns, it can mesmerize adventurers. 1680 18 13 Volt Petrify, Death (Baffling Step, Knockdown) Deer Hide, Severed Antler* (Venison)
Raptor FOE 2,3,5 Its jaws tear through a human, and its fangs secrete a paralyzing toxin. 3484 19 14 Ice Petrify, Death, Paralyze (Paralyze Fang) Brass Fang
Vampire Bat FOE 4,5 It swoops down to feast on blood. Puncture its wings if you hope to survive. 1152 17 12 Pierce, Volt, Sleep Petrify, Death, Blind (Blood Drain, Echolocation) Bat Membrane, Punctured Wing*
Terrible Hunter FOE 3 The leader of the raptor population. Do not go up against it if you are not prepared! 5280 20 16 Ice Petrify, Death, Stun, Sleep, Head Bind (Rending Bite, Menacing Glare) Brass Claw
Chimaera Stratum Boss 5 A horror born from the fusion of various creatures. It leads the charge in combat. 8220 21 17 Ice, Sleep, Leg Bind Stun, Poison (Petrify, Death) (Snake Pile, Great Blaze, Double Strike) Brute Tail, Poison Wing*
Mimic FOE 4 Creature that disguises itself as prized objects and devours passers-by. Keep your guard up! 6890 39 27 Panic Elemental, Death, Petrify (Glutton) Deceptive Jaw
Frog Lord FOE 2,3 It sucks the life out of its prey. If only you could make it kill itself on accident...! 9832 49 39 Bash, Ice, Head Bind Stun, Death, Petrify, Panic (Poison, Leg Bind) (Toxic Secretion), Drain Dive Toxic Skin, Cursed Frog Skin*
Wyvern Superboss 1 One of the ancient wyrms, who soars high in the sky, scorching the land below in blinding light. 33000 80 55 Ice Fire, Stun, Fear, Panic, Blind, Arm Bind, Leg Bind (Volt, Death, Petrify) (Wing Talon), (Tail Strike), (Burning Ray) Wyvern Talon, Paralyzed Wing*
Brainwashed Worker Quest FOE 1 -- 356 31 26 Ailments and binds -- -- --
Livid Butcher Quest Boss 1 A scorpion being controlled by heartless bandits. It is eager to do its master's bidding. 4071 41 30 Bash, Volt, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, Blind Slash, Pierce, Leg Bind Torment Barb, Execution Barb --
Indignant Mantis Quest Boss 2 -- 8337 47 36 Ice, Curse, Paralyze, Poison, Blind Death, Petrify Charge, Execution Scythe --
Slasher Mole Quest Boss 2 A mole from deep within the forest. It is quite a ways fiercer and slash-ier than its kin. 929 47 33 Ice Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Blind, Arm Bind (Destructive Claw) --
Clamper Quest Boss 1 -- 844 40 32 Ice, Poison Paralyze, Head Bind (Binding String) --
Hail Flower Quest Boss 1 -- 1862 42 33 Slash, Fire, Curse Pierce, Ice, Stun, Poison (Freezing Snare) --

Auburn ThicketEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Found on Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)

Giant Shroom

6 A mushroom monstrosity whose poison-filled cap can emit a paralyzing toxin. 154 11 10 Slash, Fire Paralyze (Stunning Spores) Open Cap
Frilled Lizard 6 It uses its frills to intimidate intruders. Those who stand their ground often regret it... 169 15 12

Ice, Paralyze

Poison (Strike Up) Iron Toenail, Collar Fur
Odd Statue 6 Binding this hulk's stone arms will do you very little good... 268 16 15 Volt, Arm Bind Slash, Pierce, Curse (Petrify) (Sweep Strike) Rock Shard, Bound Right Arm* (Strange Stone)
Giant Moa 6

This large, flightless bird has evolved a pair of powerful legs!

552 18 16 Volt, Stun -- (Heavy Stomp) Ostrich Tendon (Stiff Leg Meat)
Fanged Vine 7 A terrifying plant that will bite anyone foolish enough to come near... 281 17 13 Slash, Fire, Panic Blind, Arm Bind (Binding Vines, Gouging Thorn) Bendy Vine, Crazed Bulb* (Vine Head)
Raging Boar 7 A feral boar whose charge is quite nearly unstoppable. 448 18 15 Fire, Blind, Leg Bind Stun (Bullrush) Steel Fang, Thick Boar Skin* (Boar Thigh)
Flame Lizard A lizard that resists heat and spews fire. Nullify its flame, and it is a pushover. 189 11 12 Ice, Fear Fire, Paralyze (Flame Breath) Crimson Hide
Red Gel 8 A gelatinous creature who strengthens its allies in combat. 148 14 13 Ice, Poison Slash, Pierce, Bash, Fire, Panic, Arm Bind, Leg Bind Bracing Liquid, (Insulation Gel) Gooey Fiber (Liquid Red Gel)
Armor Tortoise 8 Its tough shell is also covered in spikes which effortlessly deflect its foes' blades. 655 20 20 Bash, Fire, Ice, Volt, Sleep Slash, Pierce, Poison (Strike Down) Ankylosaur Skin
Madness Owl 9 If you do not bind its wings, it is likely the place you met this owl will also be your grave. 210 13 14 Pierce, Volt, Panic, Head Bind Blind (Confusing Dust) Glow Quill, Bound Wings*
Gryphon 9 Long thought to exist only in myth, it has sharp claws and creates gusts with its wings. 352 21 17 Pierce, Volt, Paralyze Stun (Slashing Claws) Steel Beak, White Crest
Rattle Nozuchi 10 A long-tailed reptile creature so rare that a frozen specimen is worth a lot to collectors. 224 15 13 Ice Death, Leg Bind (Corrosive Aura) Ruby Shard, Frozen Iron*
Actaeon 10 A wild deer with intricate horns. Do not get overrun! 398 27 18 Blind, Head Bind Fear, Sleep (Blast Horn, Powerful Rage) Steel Horn (Deer Shoulder)
Sauroposeidon 10 Though generally a herbivore, this creature has a long neck it can use to harm intruders. 831 25 19 Fire, Ice, Volt, Poison Slash, Pierce, Bash, Stun, Head Bind (Charge, Hammerhead) Beast Femur
Dinotyrant 9, 10 (locked door) A vicious carnivore with a high vitality. Adventurers would do well to dispatch it quickly. 2326 42 32 All physical and elemental Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Blind (Curse, Head Bind) (Curse Fang, Death Stare) Bone Plate Pierced Heart*
Black Boar 9 (locked door) A ferocious boar that lunges recklessly into its prey, knocking them unconscious. 844 43 30 Fire, Blind Stab, Stun, Petrify, Sleep, Paralyze, Poison, Leg Bind (Clash) Savage Fang


Name Type Found on Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Tree Sponge FOE 6,10 A plant being that spins out of control, knocking foes off their feet! 4808 25 22 Slash, Fire, Blind Death, Petrify, Sleep (Stun) Spin Drive Water Bubble (Fire Heartwood)
Baby Salamander FOE 7,9,10 It cannot help but spit fire when it senses a threat is near. Don't get hit! 5723 26 22 Ice, Head Bind Fire, Stun, Death, Petrify (Flame Breath, Harsh Cry, Dust Tail) Fiery Chip
Fire Drake FOE 8,10 A dragon of sorts, it is full of a noxious gas that lets it breathe fire! 7043 29 23 Ice, Poison Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Head Bind (Fire) (Fire God's Fury, Fearsome Roar) Spiny Horn
Attack Cactus FOE 9,10 A predator whose body is covered in sharp needles. 6610 27 23 Bash, Fire, Sleep Ice, Volt, Stun, Death, Petrify Revenge Needle, (Double Needle) Cactus Spine, Fleeting Thorn* (Dragon Fruit)
Flame Demon Stratum Boss 10 The demonic protector of the Auburn Thicket, who summons a dark inferno to ward off trespassers. 8790 26 24 Ice, Poison, Arm Bind Volt, Stun, Head Bind (Fire, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic) (Dispersed Cruelty, Inferno Strike, Kingly Fire) Red Wings, Glinting Claw*
Flame Cube Boss Minion 10 A gelatinous creature summoned by demons to detonate near enemies. Dispatch these quickly! 580 22 22 Ice, Fear, Curse, Paralyze, Poison, Arm Bind, Head Bind, Leg Bind (Fire) Explosion --
Lava Beast (hot) FOE 9 A foul beast from deep within the earth, fire courses throughout its body. 12047 51 41 Ice Physical, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind (Fire) (Lava Boulder), Waterproof Fire Cinder Stone, Sizzling Lava*
Lava Beast (cold) FOE 9 A creature formed from magma, but luckily, it is very close to being extinguished. 1205 26 21 Ice (Fire) -- Cooled Lava
Salamander Superboss 8 A giant creature that wears flame itself as armor! It seeks to incinerate its foes. 23000 60 50 Ice, Curse Stun, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Arm Bind, Leg Bind (Fire, Death, Petrify, Blind) (Avarice Claw, Crushing Tail, Hellfire Breath) Flame Marrow Flame Breath*
Great Dragon Superboss 9 A legendary red dragon who has slain countless foolhardy adventurers. 72000 95 64 Ice Stun, Fear, Sleep, Head Bind, Leg Bind (Fire, Death, Petrify, Curse, Panic) (Fire Torrent, Draconic Fury, Dragon Claw) Dragon Fang

Dragon Scale

Scorching Horn*

(Dragon Tail)

Honey Bear Quest Boss 6 Though usually docile, if it smells anything sweet, it becomes a force of nature. 2100 23 20 Fire All status but poison (Destructive Claw) --
Yggdrasil Bud Rare A bud of the Yggdrasil, rarely spotted and quite delectable as a tea leaf. 50 5 5 -- -- -- (Soft Bud)

Frozen GroundsEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Snow Ghost A manifestation of pure snow whose vitality will spike when endangered. 11 253 19 16 Fire, Sleep Ice, Death, Fear (Snowball) White Gem (Eternal Ice)
Fishman A fish that evolved to hunt on land. It smashes and nullifies its prey. 11 353 21 21 Slash, Volt, Leg Bind Ice (Chase Down) Blue Scale (Fish Head)
Forest Dragonfly A carnivorous dragonfly that adapted to harsh life in the forest. Its wings are highly prized. 11 422 26 19 Pierce, Volt, Paralyze Sleep (Confusing Blitz) Red Foreleg, Severed Wing*
War Bison A wild bull that resides in deep wood, it tramples all in its path. 11 919 29 23 Fire, Blind Poison (Stomp) Metal Horn (Beef Loin)
Snow Lizard A lizard with an affinity for ice. It tries to chill its prey with its breath. 12 276 20 18 Fire, Fear Ice, Paralyze, Blind (Freezing Breath) White Metal
Claw Beetle A large insect with a hard shell that deflects bullets and swords. 12 459 26 24 Fire, Ice, Volt, Poison Slash, Pierce, Bash, Head Bind (Harsh Buzz) Divine Carapace, Crushed Carapace* (Meaty Shell)
Sleipnir An eight-legged horse that gallops over its target at great speeds. 474 29 22 Curse Sleep (Trample) Red Mane (Horse Filet)
Great Hermit A hermit crab the size of a large dog! Their shells fetch a high price though... 296 24 22 Bash, Fire, Ice, Volt, Head Bind Slash, Pierce, Petrify, Panic (Shielding Shell) Crabshell, Perfect Shell*
Evil Mammoth A woolly beast, bred to endure extreme cold. Get too close and you might see its tusks up close! 1314 32 28 Panic Pierce, Stun, Blind, Leg Bind (Charge, Destructive Fang) Giant Tusk, Elephant Hide
Redfish An amphibious creature that has the ability to summon ice and cold. 424 27 23 Slash, Volt, Leg Bind Ice (Ice Fin) Red Fin, Slimy Scale (Freshwater Filet)
Snowbird Living in colder climes, these birds' white wings hold a mysterious power. 15 315 26 20 Pierce, Fire, Stun Ice (White Wings) Swan Feather (Snow Egg)
Deadly Statue This statue is covered in spell glyphs. Those who approach should think twice. 15 522 31 26 Arm Bind Slash, Pierce, Volt, Stun, Curse, Head Bind (Petrify) (Stone Gaze, Shock Assult) Sapphire Arm
Giant Snow A ghost that has grown much larger than normal and much more powerful. Do not get buried... 15 1880 34 25 Fire, Sleep Ice, Stun, Death, Fear, Panic (Hailstorm) White Boulder, Frozen Stone*
Ice Drake The frosty breath from this dragon will affect its prey as well as its own body. 2451 65 51 Volt Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Paralyze (Ice, Sleep) (Ice King's Howl) Frozen Horn

Shabby Bone*


Name Type Found on Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Ambush Wolf FOE 11, 15 A wolf with a curious ability to burst into a savage frenzy yet still keep focus on a target. 8715 42 26 Fire, Leg Bind Ice, Stun, Death, Petrify, Head Bind (Assault Howl, Frost Fang) Pure Fang, Crazed Wolf Eye*
Hell Dragon FOE 12, 15 A vicious, multi-headed monster. Some parties recommend petrifying all of its heads first! 9009 40 32 Volt Pierce, Fire, Ice, Stun, Death, Petrify, Sleep, Panic, Head Bind, (Poison) (Venom Fang) Dark Scale, Petrified Heads*
Evil Eye FOE 13, 15 A peculiar, floating creature who stuns prey with its gaze. 8354 38 28 Pierce, Bash, Ice, Blind Fire, Volt, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Head Bind (Eye of Madness, Onrush) Crystal Lens (Giant Tear)
Blue Gel FOE 14, 15 An evolved type of gel whose body can morph into a full arsenal! 7197 39 29 Fire, Poison Slash, Pierce, Bash, Ice, Instant Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Paralyze, Arm Bind, Leg Bind Freezing Fluid, (Elemental Gel) Blue Core (Cold Gelatin)
Barrier Creeper FOE 15 A tentacle of Scylla that seeks to protect the body by impeding would-be assailants. 3980 34 29 Fire, Fear, Panic, Poison, Leg Bind Ice (Sleep, Blind, Head Bind, Arm Bind) Tentacle Creep --
Artelinde Boss 15 A War Magus of Guild Esbat, renowned for her combat prowess all across High Lagaard. 4900 34 34 Ice Volt, Stun, Poison, (All other status effects/binds) Blind Laughter, Pandemonium, Spellsword Cursed Scrap
Wilhelm Boss 15 A gun-toting member of Guild Esbat, known as Der Freischutz, and guardian to Artelinde 4700 36 26 Fire, Curse, Poison Volt, Blind, (Death, Petrify) Fire Rounds, Rapid Fire, Accelerate Magic Casing
Scylla Stratum Boss 15 A hauntingly beautiful monster of the Frozen Grounds. Its icy embrace can be alluring... 23700 39 34 Fire Ice, Stun, Fear, Curse, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, All Binds, (Death, Petrify) (Cry Soul, Lullaby, Ice Shave) Ice Queen's Vine, Lavish Bone*
Ruin Creeper Boss Minion 15 A tentacle of Scylla that seeks to protect the body by impeding would-be assailants. 380 28 29 Fire, Fear, Panic, Poison, Leg Bind Ice, (Sleep, Blind, Head Bind, Arm Bind) Tentacle Creep --
Blizzard King Superboss 14 A legendary blue dragon whose attacks are too powerful to withstand. 45000 88 64 Volt, Poison Stun, Fear, Curse, Panic, Paralyze, Blind, Head Bind, Arm Bind (Ice, Death, Petrify, Sleep) (Ice Breath, Cold Regen, Triple Strike) Snow Pterygoid

Blizzard Scale

Frozen Wing*

(Blizzard Neck)

Snow Swarm Quest Boss 11 A swarm of Snow Ghosts. If they would just act as a unit, they would be unstoppable! 2800 30 23 Fire Ice, Stun, Death, Petrify, Sleep, Panic (Hailstorm)
Mbenga Quest Boss 12 Best to deal with this amphibious terror before it swallows you whole. 656 32 25 Slash, Volt, Leg Bind Ice, Stun (Chase Down) --
Beetle Lord Quest Boss 13 An insectoid creature whose mind is controlled by a wicked purpose. 2300 35 30 Fire, Ice, Volt, Poison Slash, Pierce, Stun, Instant Death, Petrify, Sleep, Panic, Head Bind (Sweep Strike) --
Don Mbenga Quest Boss 11 The leader of the Mbenga, it launches into a frenzy if its kind is under attack. 9560 42 31 Slash, Volt, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, Blind, Leg Bind Ice, Stun Glacial Fin --
Yggdrasil Sprout Rare A sprout of the Yggdrasil that is said to bring tremendous luck. 50 5 5 -- -- -- (Delicate Sprout)

Petal BridgeEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Ptarmigan A small bird of the forest who hunts its prey with electricity. 16 433 29 22 Head Bind Volt, Blind (Sealing Bolt) Gold Crest, (Ptar Breast)
Waspior A dangerous bee with a poison-tipped needle. They travel in swarms! 16 371 30 21 Pierce, Volt, Leg Bind (Poison) (Poison Sting) Bee Needle, Dense Syrup*, (Wasp Honey)
Prism Ladybug A giant ladybug with a shimmering shell. It summons the wind to protect itself from harm. 16 384 31 23 Pierce, Volt, Sleep, Paralyze -- (Wind Guard) Prism Shell
Metal Tortoise A giant turtle with a tough shell and even tougher jaws. 16 1416 38 33 Fire, Ice, Volt, Poison Physical, Stun, Sleep, Paralyze, Head Bind (Crushing Jaw) Century Shell, (Metal Shell)
Raven Its dark feathers are considered an ill omen to adventurers. 17 454 34 25 Pierce, Stun Death, Fear, Arm Bind (Black Wings) Azure Beak
Venomous Spider A spider that hunts in the woods. Stop it from spinning its web... 17 398 33 24 Fire, Paralyze Leg Bind (Binding String) Sticky Web, Bound Mandible*, (Spider Carcass)
Great Moth This moth is known to emit a disorienting powder before striking at its target. 17 1571 38 32 Pierce, Volt, Blind Arm Bind, (Panic) (Confusing Dust), (Slice and Dice) Plum Quill
Wind Cutter A flying weasel with blade-like arms and an impressive degree of agility. 18 703 36 26 All Binds Fire, Death, Petrify, (Stun, All other ailments) (Air Slash) Razor Edge
Deathstalker A giant scorpion with a vicious stinger. Few see one and survive... 18 721 39 29 Bash, Volt, Poison Slash, Pierce, Stun, Fear, Curse, All Binds (Terror Sting) Meteoric Spike, (Scorpion Claw)
Wrath Bloom An electrically charged plant creature that has grown large on devoured adventurers. 18 1590 39 32 Slash, Fire, Curse Pierce, Volt, Stun, Fear, Poison Cannibalize, (Discharge) Lilac Vine, Frozen Petal*
Diatryma A bird with a gigantic mouth. If one is slain, its kin will frenzy! 19 460 36 29 Panic Physical, Petrify, Sleep, Arm Bind Survival Instict Glinting Beak, (Scarebird Egg)
Night Flower A flower that blooms in the moonlight and lulls its victims into an eternal slumber. 19 446 34 26 Slash, Fire Ice, Volt, Sleep, Leg Bind, (Stun) Night Call Night Vine, Dormant Seed*
Mad Crawler A giant caterpillar whose sharp fangs are no trifling matter. 20 779 40 31 Fire, Poison Curse, Blind, (Fear) (Crazed Fang) Dark Claw
Cockatrice A large bird-like creature that is known to petrify its foes. 20 1729 41 32 Volt, Fear Pierce, Death, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind, (Stun, Petrify) (Petrifying Stare) Ancient Beak, (Cockatrice Leg)
Scissor Crab A crab so ferocious it will fight to the death, without giving a thought to its own safety. 1646 61 47 Volt Death, Petrify (Stun, All Binds) (Charge) Reaping Claws Bloody Blade

Shaking Shell*

Lightning Drake A dragon with a long, electrically charged horn that reacts when poisoned. 2191 59 48 Fire Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze (Volt) (Thunderous Fury) Electric Crest

Coated Horn*


Name Type Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Luminous Bird FOE With its sharp beak and swift movements, these birds are more deadly than they seem... 16, 20 9330 43 37 Pierce, Blind All elements, Stun, Death, Petrify, Panic, Paralyze Brutal Ray Gold Claw
Charging Rhino FOE An abnormally large-horned rhino who will frenzy if binded. 17, 20 12517 49 40 Ice, Head Bind, Leg Bind Stab, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Paralyze, Arm Bind (Horn Smash), Do or Die Red Horn Shard, Bound Red Horn*, (Rhino Shoulder)
Great Frog FOE Their leap attacks tend to ward off attackers, but if not, these frogs will cry out for aid. 18, 20 10979 45 38 Bash, Curse Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze (Jump) Frog Skin
Delusion Frog FOE Minion Adventurers who are struck by his tongue go mad, behaving as though possessed. 18, 20 1680 31 28 Bash, Fear Death, Petrify, (Curse) (Hex) --
Enraged Raptor FOE A bird of prey that stuns its enemies with large gusts of wind before slashing at them. 19, 20 9418 47 37 Pierce, Volt, Poison Stun, Death, Petrify, Curse, Arm Bind (Gale Wings, Tearing Claws) Black Feather
Wandering Eye FOE This giant nemesis can disorient its enemies and drive them mad with a single glare! 18, 19 14341 69 52 All elemental All physical, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Head Bind (Panic) (Crazed Glare, Ripping Claws) Devil Wing

Blind Eye*

Harpuia Stratum Boss The queen of the skies, whose beguiling shriek must be silenced if you hope to claim a feather... 20 19660 45 41 Volt, Poison, Head Bind Stun, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Arm Bind, Leg Bind, (Death, Petrify, Fear, Blind) (Claws of Despair, Storm Feather, Feast) Harpy Wing, Queen's Quill*
Storm Emperor Superboss A legendary yellow dragon who wields electricity masterfully. 19 32000 77 58 Fire Stun, Panic, Paralyze, Blind, All Binds (Volt, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse) (Volt Torrent, Judgement, Binding Dance) Emperor Barbel

Emperor Scale

Thunderous Eye*

(Thunder Chirp)

Hurt Babirusa Quest Boss Long have these boars plagued the residents of Etria... Do not stand in their path! 17 4158 45 33 Curse, Poison, Blind, Head Bind Fire, Ice, Volt, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Leg Bind Fang Flurry --
Dignified Bull Quest Boss It produces high-quality meat, but unfortunately, it has a habit of poisoning itself... 18 7358 40 33 Fire, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Blind, Head Bind, Arm Bind Death, Petrify (Stomp) --
Yggdrasil Clover Rare A clover of the Yggdrasil that should be slain on sight. 50 5 5 -- -- -- (Strong Clover)

Heavenly KeepEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Mandrake A plant whose shriek is said to bring death to those who hear it. 21, 22, 23 456 36 28 Cut, Fire Ice, Volt, Stun, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, Blind, Head Bind, Arm Bind, Leg Bind, (Death) Last Cry Mandrake Root, Bound Root*, (Mandrake Leaf)
Forest Bat A seemingly harmless forest resident, though some claim it transforms into a terrible monster! 21 486 37 28 Pierce, Volt, Curse Fear, Panic, (Blind) (Harsh Buzz) Bat Fangs
Gem Lizard A reptilian creature with a perfect gem embedded in its head. 21 655 41 32 Bash Sleep, Paralyze, (Stun) (Headbutt) Plum Hide, Blue Head Gem*,(Jewel Skirt)
Iron Tortoise Centuries-old and still as violent a hunter as it ever was! 21, 23 2073 50 38 Bash, Fire, Ice, Volt Cut, Pierce, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, Blind, Arm Bind, (Stun) (Cripple) Black Carapace, (Tortoise Meat)
Nozuchi A fearsome serpent that has existed for ages, based on fossil records. 22, 23, 24, 25 497 39 29 Stun Death, Leg Bind (Frail Aura) Blue Carapace, Petrified Tail*, (Nozuchi Body)
Black Wing A deathly dinosaur that can prey on multiple targets at once. 22, 24 900 48 35 Ice Sleep, Panic, Blind, Head Bind (Beaked Rush) Coal Bone, (Black Breast)
Yellow Gel An oozing gel creature that uses its body to restrain enemies on the battlefield 22, 24 464 41 30 Fire, Ice, Poison Panic, Arm Bind, Leg Bind, (Paralyze) Paralyzing Fluid, (Power Gel) Yellow Gelatin
Huge Statue A colossus with a strong shell for protection and claws which never go dull. 24, 25 2028 50 40 Volt Slash, Pierce, Fear, Sleep, Paralyze, Poison, Blind, Head Bind, Leg Bind, (Stun, Petrify, Panic) (Revenge Claw) Meteor Fragment
Silver Gunman A humaniform machine with a particularly deadly firearm. 24 942 45 36 Volt, All Binds Stun, Death, Petrify, (All other Status) (Silver Bullet) Gold Shell, (Empty Chassis)
Nightmare An otherworldly horse that gallops wildly, rarely stopped to rest. 24 960 47 37 All Binds Elemental, Stun, Death, All other Status (Nightmare), (Night Run) Black Hoof, Sleeping Hoof*, (Fatty Horse)
King Gel The most ancient of the protean life-forms and the deadliest. 25 1567 47 35 Fire, Ice, Poison Physical, Volt, Stun, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Arm Bind, Leg Bind (King of Kings), Explosives Black Gelatin, Cursed Core*, (Purple Gel)
Undead Soldier A suit of armor said to contain the souls of fallen adventurers. 25 1067 51 38 Volt, Panic, Paralyze, Poison Slash, Pierce, Petrify, (Death, All Binds) (Revenge Blade), (Glinting Blade) Silver Shard, Cowering Silver*


Name Type Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Sky Metal Knight FOE A mechanized soldier wielding two beam swords. Defeat it fast, before it detects your presence. 21, 25 14349 61 44 Volt Stun, Death, Petrify, (All other ailments) (Slaughter Blade) Wootz Shard, Sky Metal Shard*
Cursed Knight FOE A jet black suit of armor that wanders this world and the next, bringing death to all. 22, 25 15669 62 46 Volt, Panic, Paralyze, Poison Slash, Pierce, Stun, Death, Petrify, Head Bind, (Arm Bing, Leg Bind) (Dark Blade, Death's Edge) Jet Black Iron, Bound Shard*
Silver Sentinel FOE A mechanized sentry that emits nerve-damaging pulses. But what is it guarding...? 24, 25 10260 60 45 Volt Physical, Fire, Ice, Ailments (Scorching Laser, EMP) Nickel Shell
Juggernaut Boss An ancient protector, dreaded for its tough skin and myriad of horns and claws. 23 72000 60 49 Elemental, Curse, Poison Stun, Fear, Poison, Paralyze, Head Bind, Leg Bind, (Death, Petrify, Sleep) Berserk Cry, (Reckless Barrier, King's Rush) Guardian Skin, Sky Metal Tail*
Overlord Final Boss Master of the floating castle and Ruler of Heaven, he has left his mortal body behind. 25 6000 58 50 Volt, Poison Stun, Fear, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind, Leg Bind (Death, Petrify, Curse, Sleep) LRDA, REPAIR, VOID0 --
Overlord Final Boss The true form of the Ruler of Heaven. Behold his overwhelming power, and despair. 25 27000 59 50 Volt, Poison Stun, Fear, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind, Leg Bind (Death, Petrify, Curse, Sleep) Mountain Stream, Seek, Dance Imperial Wrath

Forbidden WoodEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
King Shroom A higher order of fungi known for its powerful lockjaw. 26, 27 925 55 41 Cut, Fire Panic, Blind, Head Bind, (Paralyze) (Greedy Bite) Gold Spore, (Meaty Cap)
Mokele-mbembe Don't let its size fool you, this is one of the swiftest forest fiends! 26, 27, 28 2396 58 44 Ice Physical, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Paralyze, Leg Bind, (Volt, Panic) Electric Impact Blue Skull, Petrified Scale*, (Kaiju Round Tip)
Ancient Hermit A crab that has lived for ages in its highly durable shell. 26, 27, 28, 30 12 40 37 Fear, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Poison, Blind (Physical, Elemental) (Ancient Guard) Mossy Shell, Polished Shell*, (Shut Shell)
Gasser Tree A tree that grows deep in the forest and emits toxins all around to mark its territory. 26, 27, 28 817 52 42 Fire Stun, Sleep, Head Bind, (Poison) (Toxic Breath), Poison Sap Squirming Vine
Bloody Lizard Its blood-red frills turn speckled when it's poisoned. 590 47 41 Ice, Fear Fire, Petrify, Sleep (Affection Collar) Golden Horn, Poisoned Hide*
Lord Saguaro A cyclopean cactus whose eye glimmers in the dark. It can fire off needles without any effort. 1619 60 47 Bash Pierce, Elemental, Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Paralyze, Blind Rejection Needle Withered Spine, Crazed Stinger*
Black Claw A ferocious ape whose luxurious coat is very valuable yet fragile. 2823 65 52 Physical, Elemental Death, Petrify, Fear, Panic, Paralyze, Leg Bind, (Stun, Curse) (Curse Dance) Slaughter Claw, Perfect Hide*, (Black Arm)
High Crawler The most fearsome and aggressive of forest caterpillars! 974 67 46 Panic Stun, Death, Sleep, Blind, Arm Bind, (Head Bind) (Vile Fangs), Hell Thread Damascus Claw, Soft Black Hide, (Curled Bug)
Carbuncle This flame-spewing monster looks like it's wearing a crown. Blind it, and the crown dims. 29 770 52 45 Bash Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Paralyze, Poison, Blind, (Elemental) Scorching Light Lizard Crown, Dull Crown*
Moth Lord The lord of the moths, many associate its vivid coloring with death. 29 2968 79 59 Pierce, Volt Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Poison, Leg Bind, (Panic, Paralyze) (Madness Dust), (Slice and Dice) Red Quill, (Sap Belly)
Trihorn A mutant subspecies of rhino with three horns. It is in a constant state of rage... 29 1677 75 56 Ice Pierce, Fire, Volt, Stun, Death, Petrify, Sleep, Panic, Blind, (All Binds) (Evil Cry), (Triple Charge) Pure White Horn, Cursed Horn*
Bloody Soldier A monstrosity, its armor is soaked in the blood of those who died to its thirst for violence. 2431 82 64 Volt Slash, Stab, Fire, Ice, Stun, Death, Petrify, Sleep, Paralyze, Blind, Head Bind (Fear, Curse) (Bloody Blade) Red Iron Shard

Burnt Iron*


Name Type Description Found on HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops (Food)
Asterius FOE A head of a bull and a body of solid muscle. Your best shot is to break its giant axe... 26, 27 25039 85 66 Fire, Ice Volt, Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Paralyze, Head Bind (Warhammer), (Reversal Beat) Black Steel, Black Ingot*
Icy Bulb FOE It looks like a balloon, but inside, it stores icy gases ready to be spewed out. 26-30 4577 78 60 Fire, Fear, Sleep Death, Petrify, (Ice) Frost Bomb Frosted Hull, Eternal Hide*
Cursed Pumpkin FOE A three-headed pumpkin. Weaken it before you strike! 28, 30 18418 81 65 Elemental (Physical), Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, (Curse), Binds (Terror Pain), Absorb Vine Pale Bone, Poison Pumpkin*, (Blue Pumpkin)
Hazardous Petal FOE A bewitching flower whose petals are often used in hexes. 29, 30 28177 82 71 Cut, Fire Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, (Sleep), Panic, Paralyze, Arm Bind, Leg Bind (Sleep Pollen, Dancing Petals) Hazardous Bulb, Lavish Flower*, (Hazardous Bud)
Golem Boss An ancient construct, whose purpose was long forgotten. Disturb it at your own risk... 27 18000 60 57 Elemental, Curse, Poison, Head Bind, Leg Bind Physical, Stun, Panic, Paralyze, Arm Bind, (Death, Petrify) Power of Stone, (Rock Hammer), (Triple Hammer) Statue Shard, Statue Arm*
Hecatoncheires Boss A construct whose many hands each hold a weapon. It unleashes a tireless barrage... 28 77000 92 70 Physical, Fire, Volt, Poison Stun, Fear, Paralyze, Blind, Head Bind, Leg Bind, (Death, Petrify, Curse, Sleep) (Colossal Meteor, Grinding Mace, Hundred Strikes) Giant Skin, Broken Stake*
Ur-Child Boss The origin of all life created by the Ruler of Heaven, more powerful than even the Overlord! 30 140000 97 73 Elemental, Poison, Leg Bind (Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Curse, Panic, Sleep, Paralyze, Head Bind) (Pity the Weak, Null thy Strength, Eternal Exodus) Eden Apple
Origin Bud Boss Minion Protects the Ur-Child and catalyzes its evolution. Do not fall prey to the Ur-Child... 30 10000 97 73 Elemental Death, Petrify (Stun, Fear, Curse, Sleep, Panic) -- --
Dinogator Forced Monster only A rare reptilian that likes to play with its food before devouring it. Don't be its dinner! 30 31243 93 73 Elemental Physical, Stun, Panic, Paralyze, Blind (Death, Petrify) (Playful Bite, Frolic, Pout) Rigid Croc Hide

Pierced Fang*


Floor 1Edit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Jackalope Though it looks like a bunny, it is likely to swing a powerful fist if threatened. 97 8 8 Pierce, Panic -- (Jolting Blow) Strange Horn
Wereboar A boar that wanders Ginnungagap. It prefers to stampede first and ask questions later. 204 15 12 Blind Sleep (Charge) Chipped Blade
Haggis A bird-like monster that sleeps most of the day. Disturb it, and it will attack with electricity. 546 11 10 Pierce, Fire, Sleep Volt, Head Bind (Holy Shock) Yellow Plume
Dread Hydra The central head directs all the others, with their sharp, fearsome fangs. 381 17 15 Volt, Head Bind Pierce, Stun (Horror Banquet) Bony Scale


Name Type Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Boar Captain FOE A chief amongst the wereboar population, leading its kind into battle with abandon. 1728 20 17 Blind Petrify, Death, Sleep (Swing), Command Boars Timeworn Hilt
Mercenary Boar Boss A boar that walks upright and wields a sword, albeit somewhat clumsily... 672 9 9 Sleep, Blind, Arm Bind (Petrify, Death) Swing, Appraise Black Muzzle
Basilisk Floor Boss A snake-like monster guarding Ginnungagap with its awesome power of petrification. 4320 19 18 Volt, Poison Stun, Leg Bind, (Petrify, Death, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind) Doom Breath, Dark Moon, Impairing Claws Stiff Skin

Floor 2Edit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune)

Skills (Grimoire)

Item Drops

Bugbear A hideous creature of Ginnungagap, carrying toxins that prevent recovery. 365 23 17 Bash, Curse Ice, Poison Infectious Club Eerie Tail
White Orangutan An ape with long, steely claws and enough muscle to tear a suit of armor in half. 540 24 18 Fire, Panic Paralyze (Destructive Claw) Massacre Claw
Red Haggis Many adventurers have underestimated it by looks... and been burnt to ash for that mistake. 994 15 15 Pierce, Ice, Sleep Fire, Head Bind (Holy Fire) Crest Feather
Chi You Few adventurers have the resolve to face this four-eyed, six-armed nemesis. 894 27 22 Fire, Ice, Volt, Slash, Pierce, Bash, Stun (Head Splitter) Horn Shard


Name Type Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Binding Spider FOE An arachnid creature of Ginnungagap, outfitted with poison-tipped fangs to weaken enwebbed prey. 5836 28 24 Fire, Paralyze Death, Petrify, all binds (Poison) (Snaring String, Poison Fang) Sturdy Web
Arachne Floor Boss A spider-like monster guarding Ginnungagap with its immobilizing silkweb. 17000 26 25 Fire Stun, Fear, Panic, Head Bind, (Death, Petrify, Poison, Blind) Poison Swamp, Silk Spread, Venomous Bite Woven Thread

Floor 3Edit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Deathly Pumpkin A gourd whose vines can spread insanity with a single touch! A true herald of the underworld. 495 28 23 Elemental, all binds Physical, Stun, ailments except Petrify, (Panic) (Confuse Vine) Gourd Head
Grim Mantis One slash from its razor-sharp claws can lop off the head of a careless adventurers. 1900 30 26 Ice -- (Charge, Scythe Slash), Execution Scythe Soft Scythe
Axolotl A curious Ginnungagap resident, it emits light that either means good fortune or certain doom. 196 26 19 Stun, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze -- Blessed Light, Forbidden Light Pink Leather
Illbear Those struck by its club find that their wounds do not heal normally. Try to evade this one! 733 29 26 Bash, Curse Poison, Blind Plague Club Ugly Horn


Name Type Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Death Wall FOE It is disguised as a wall, ready to prey on adventurers. Its gaze can immobilize you! 8834 40 35 Elemental Physical, all binds, Death, (Stun, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze) Thousand Eyes, (Crush), Reflect Guard Rigid Fragment

Floor 4Edit

(Regular encounters are the same as for Floor 3)


Name Type Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Dazing Pumpkin FOE It uses its vines to lure in unsuspecting adventurers before it ends their lives. 5842 35 33 Cut, Stab, Bash, Panic Fire, Ice, Volt, Instant Death, Petrify, (Stun, all binds) (Berserk Vine), (Ensnaring Vines) Purple Vine
Demi-Fafnir Boss All that remains of one who failed to become a Fafnir. There remains no trace of humanity... 10800 31 35 Volt, Poison, Leg Bind Curse, Head Bind, (Fire, all other statuses and binds except Blind) Rising Flame, Nihil Blade, Flame Formation Undying Flame

Floor 5Edit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Leukocyte A micro-assassin of Ginnungagap, whose sensors register every organism as a threat. 539 44 33 -- Death, Curse (Stun, Petrify, Sleep) (White Plasma) White Crystal
Metal Needle A fearful scorpion with a body of solid steel and a needle well-worth steering clear of... 1210 51 40 Volt, Poison Slash, Stab, Fire, Ice, Stun, Petrify, Sleep, Paralyze, Leg Bind (Steel Stinger) Fearful Stinger
Hell Papillon A butterfly from the underworld and the deadliest-known of its species. 985 48 34 Stab, Fire Ice, Fear, Panic, Poison, Head Bind (Freeze) Frosted Wing
Red Corpuscle A micro-sentinel who seeks to rid Ginnungagap of all foreign intruders. 877 49 35 -- All elemental, Petrify, Curse (Stun, Death, Sleep) (Red Plasma) Red Crystal


Name Type Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists (Immune) Skills (Grimoire) Item Drops
Blue Glaucus FOE A creature from deep within Ginnungagap that fights using wild, erratic movements. 9294 59 43 Stab Stun, Death, all ailments, Leg Bind Healing Dance (Crazed Dance Spongy Skin
Yggdrasil Core Boss The Calamity that was sealed for a thousand years. Its awakening is a destructive omen... 25000 55 40 All physical and elemental Stun, Fear, Sleep, Panic, Paralyze, Head Bind, Arm Bind (Death, Petrify, Curse) Calamity Eyes, Cell Membrane, Armageddon Demon Essence