This is a list of monsters found in Etrian Mystery Dungeon.

Normal Monsters Edit

Name Location Drops
Woodfly Mysterious Labyrinth Scales, Thin Wing
Grasseater Mysterious Labyrinth Grasseater Leg, Grasseater Jaw
Tree Rat Mysterious Labyrinth Rat Fang, Rat Hide
Shining Bird Emerald Copse Gold Quill, Gold Claw
Fire Bulb Emerald Copse Fiery Rind, Fiery Seed
Dragonfly Emerald Copse Dragonfly Nest, Shocked Eye
Roller Emerald Copse Hard Skin, Roller Shell
Venom Spider Emerald Copse Sticky Web
Demon Hopper Pristine Stream Tough Leg, Hopper Wing
Clawed Mole Pristine Stream Mole Claw, Mole Skin
Fanged Vine Pristine Stream Light Hardwood, Writhing Bulb
Forest Frog Pristine Stream Frog Cheek, Frog Fluid
Grand Binder Pristine Stream None
King Dragonfly Pristine Stream Sky Iron Nail, Blue Blood
Claw Beetle Haunted Woods Hard Shell, Beetle Sickle, Broken Horn
Venomshroom Haunted Woods Poison Hypha, Poison Ferrule
Soldier Bee Haunted Woods Needle Tail
Forest Hare Haunted Woods Rabbit Tail, Rabbit Ear
Forest Bat Haunted Woods Bat Fang, Soft Patagium
Glutton Vine Haunted Woods Bud Tusk, Pliant Vine
Trip Mushroom Haunted Woods Muddle Hypha, Umbrella Lump
Spotted Frog Haunted Woods Spotted Tongue
Plated Roller Animal Trail Sky Iron Shell
Great Lynx Animal Trail Mountain Claw, Sealed Claw
Maya Owl Animal Trail Shining Rectrix, Sealed Skull
Mauler Mole Crystalline Peak Sky Iron Claw
Raging Boar Crystalline Peak Boar Tusk, Boar Skin
Bounding Beast Crystalline Peak Beast Fist
Calamity God Crystalline Peak Great Tusk, Warm Ivory
Ice Bulb Crystalline Peak Icy Rind
Plated Chaser Crystalline Peak Armor Shard
Zapper Frog Snowy Cavern Zapper Skin, Zapper Tongue
Flying Beetle Torrential Ravine Beetle Shell
Thunder Hare Torrential Ravine Thunder Tooth
Volt Cat Torrential Ravine Sharp Claw
Blue Wallaby Torrential Ravine Wallaby Fist
Ghost Owl Torrential Ravine Soft Plume, Shocked Talon
Stun Eryngii Torrential Ravine Eryngii Cap, Eryngii Hypha
Metal Claw Torrential Ravine Black Crab Shell, Black Scissors
Sleeping Lion Muspelheim Lion Claw
Executioner Muspelheim Bloody Blade
Divine Bee Muspelheim Angel Wing, Strong Poison
Flame Rat Muspelheim Flame Fang, Flame Tail
Vampire Bat Muspelheim Crimson Fang, Red Patagium
Bloody Knuckle Muspelheim Bloody Fist
Nomad Baboon Muspelheim Baboon Skin
War Bison Muespelheim Metallic Horn, Bison Hide
Firebird Muspelheim Feather, Tailbone, Carminite
Calm King Muspelheim Thorny Shell
Sloth Mysterious Forest Bent Claw

Doe ListEdit

Name Location Drops
Furyhorn Haunted Woods Deer Skin, Wandering Box
Cold Watchman Haunted Woods Spiked Ball, Wandering Box
Icy Pincer Crystalline Peak Frigid Sickle, Wandering Box
Golden Deer Crystalline Peak Golden Horn, Wandering Box
Rafflesia Crystalline Peak Giant Petal, Wandering Box
Giant Moa Torrential Ravine Ostrich Feet, Wandering Box
Huge Moa Torrential Ravine Moa Tendon, Wandering Box
Wrath Bloom Torrential Ravine Indigo Vine, Wandering Box, Scorched Petal
Berserker King Muspelheim Berserker Claw, Berserker Skin, Wandering Box

Boss List Edit

Name Location Drops
Stone Hulk Emerald Copse None
Ichthyosaur Pristine Stream None
Arbor Beetle Haunted Woods None
Blue Byakko Crystalline Peak None
Yellow Volptera Torrential Ravine None
Dread Muspell Muspelheim None
Spiteful Hand Muspelheim None
Vengeful Minion Muspelheim None
Sky Kaiser
Demented King
Utopian Lord

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