This is a list of monsters in Etrian Odyssey III.

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Yggdrasil LabyrinthEdit

Waterfall WoodsEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Fanged Fish This river fish is no threat singly, but a school of them is cause for concern. 1-4 40 5 3 Bash -- Sharp Fang, Ferocious Fish Red Scale, Sharp Tooth
Deadly Durian A fruit monster with a uniquely pungent smell. Its thorns temporarily rob victims of sight. 1-4 48 4 5 Fire, Ice, Volt Phys Thorn, Decay Breath Green Thorn
Forest Frog A large frog that uses its powerful leaps to pounce on enemies. It poses little threat. 1-4 72 6 5 Ice -- Jump Slimy Leg, Frog Cheek
Great Lynx Overall responsible for the most novice explorer deaths. Skilled explorers need not fear it. 1-4 114 13 6 Fire -- Bite Off Mountain Claw
Claw Shrimp Denizen of the forest's outer Stratum. Its claws are its primary weapons, but it is easily handled. 2-4 88 10 5 Ice Fire, Volt Claw Cut Small Shell, (Red Tail)
Great Platypus A gigantic platypus monster. Novice explorers must be wary of the toxins in its tail. 2-4 76 7 6 Fire -- Poison Tail Poisonous Tail
Titan Arum A grotesque, enourmous flower. Its harmful pollen can infect anyone nearby, so take care. 2-4 164 7 9 Fire -- Vine Dance, Decay Breath Pungent Ivy
Largebill A monstrous bird with an insatiable appetite. It ambushes its prey from above. 2-4 (day) 225 15 9 Pierce Fire Chomp Green Feather
Gigapede A gigantic centipede that grew in the forest. It takes its prey at night and consumes it slowly. 2-4 (night) 124 9 11 Volt -- 100-Leg Bind Gigapede Leg, (Large Jaw)
Venomshroom A mushroom that adapted to the labyrinth. It uses the last of its strength to release poison spores. 3,4 60 8 11 Fire Volt Poison Spores Poison Hypha, (Pseudopod)
Spotted Frog Larger than a normal Forest Frog, its jumping kick is given greater heft by its larger body. 3,4 136 13 7 Ice -- Jump Elastic Tongue
Scylla Crab A giant crab that awaits prey near the water. Its signature pincers can easily cut thick trees. 3,4 160 10 12 Volt Fire Defend, Ruin Claw Steel Shell, Bloody Blade
Starry Slug Harmless though it may seem, when in danger it defends itself by harnessing the elements. 4 172 9 12 Volt, Fire Ice Membrane, Icicle Tough Feeler, (Starry Case)
Devilfish A fish with a distinct purple body, and sharp teeth that calls for aid by vibrating its crest. 4 154 14 8 Bash -- Sharp Fang, Ferocious Fish Tough Tooth, (Violet Comb)
Great Anaconda A snake that has evolved to catch its prey without fail, using its fangs and claws. 4 296 16 13 Ice -- Choke Purple Scale, (Sharp Fang)
Ringed Lemur Though it looks like a fox, it is classified as a monkey. It slashes tendons with its claws. 1,2 (Star Door) 318 25 25 -- Slash Dampen Claw Striped Tail
Forest Shrimp A shrimp monster whose shell is as hard as metal. A swing of its tail can shatter bones. 1,2 (Star Door) 310 24 23 -- Phys, Ice Claw Chop Blue Shell
Demon Octopus An octopus that lurks in the forest, though it can live below water too. It prefers to bind its prey. 1,2 (Star Door) 328 22 27 -- Bash Constricting Leg Octopus' Horn
Venomfly A poisonous butterfly found throughout the world. It is especially hated by explorers. 4 (Moon Door) 411 41 40 Fire -- Poison Butterfly Wing, (Scales)

FOEs & BossesEdit

Name Type Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Greedy Lizard FOE Bacteria are rife on this lizard's fangs. Any bite wounds should be treated immediately. 2 736 16 15 Ice Fire Greedy Fang Lizard Crest
Raging Tyrant FOE A gigantic hippo that lives near rivers. It appears dimwitted, but do

not take it lightly.

3 1072 20 18 Fire Phys Charge, Crush Hippo Tusk, Luck Book
Furyhorn FOE A vicious deer with immense horns. It strikes fear into explorers with its cry before attacking. 4 784 17 17 Volt -- Muddle Roar Deer Skin
Bog Lurker FOE A gigantic insect that lives in clusters in the depths of the 1st


4 822 19 18 Bash -- Life Absorb, Defend Prying Needle
Narmer Stratum Boss This king of the catfish awaits novice explorers in a marshland. It's very difficult to finish off. 4 3281 20 16 Volt -- Earthquake, Fin Smack, Mud Throw, Whisker Whip Volt Whisker, (Trembling Fin)
Golden Idol FOE (Star Door) A golden statue which repel all attacks. It slowly corners its foes before closing in. 1,2 1000 28 25 Ice Phys, Fire, Volt Breath Diamond Arm
Calamity God FOE (Moon Door) An elephant monster used to even harsher areas. Its charge mows down all in its path. 4 4140 57 56 -- Fire, Pierce, Bash Withering Glare, Charge In Strong Fang
Dragon Superboss A golden beast sent by the divine dragon. Its bright flash can alter entire landscapes 4 25000 70 77 Fire Volt Voltage, Blow, Corrupt, Curse Thunder Scale, (Thunder Horn)
Pasaran Rare A fluffy monster that brings good fortune. It is so light that winds

quickly blow it away.

1 120 10 16 -- All -- --

Undersea GrottoEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Whorled Puffer A miniscule fish which secretes a nerve toxin that can cause blindness and paralysis. 5-8 172 13 12 Slash -- Foul Spew Spherical Bone, (Ebony Liver)
Red Starfish A small starfish with the ability to freeze the water it absorbs and release it at enemies. 5-8 208 17 14 Bash Ice Icicle, Bloody Supper Red Core, (Red Bones)
Hungry Coral A coral that evolved to actively seek sustenance. Beware its highly developed jaws. 5-8 220 20 11 Ice Fire, Volt Power Fang Coral Arm, Supple Branch
High Onnep This vicious dweller of the abyss has a violent disposition and glares at all who enter its lair. 5-8 428 28 17 Volt, Fire -- Withering Glare Sea Beast Fur, Jutting Tusk
Blue Starfish A small starfish which uses jets of water for mobility and offense, making it highly agile. 6-8 232 17 15 Bash Ice Aqua Shot, Bloody Supper Blue Core, Blue Arm
Great Hermit This crab's shell shields it from the pressure of the abyss, as well as from any attackers. 6-8 244 16 20 Volt Slash, Pierce Shell, Cover Shell Piece, Small Flower, (Flawless Shell)
Koolasuchus This monster's mouth has evolved to be able to catch what prey exists in the abyss. 6 256 21 17 Pierce Volt Chomp Salamander Lip, (Thick Throat)
Coral Octopus An octopus that spews an addling ink. It is cautious and constricts its prey before the kill. 7,8 268 22 19 Pierce Fire Mud Ink Tough Tentacle, Sharp Knob
King Starfish The king of the starfish found in the abyss. It absorbs its prey to replenish its stamina. 8 308 25 19 Bash Ice Life Absorb, Bloody Supper King Core, (Cilial Sucker)
High Walrus A sea beast that's proud of its two sharp, armor-piercing tusks, as well as its immense form. 8 456 30 24 Fire, Volt -- Ruin Fangs Muscled Arm, (Icicle Fang)
Rock Coral A coral that can mimic rocks to ambush its prey. Once it latches on, it does not easily let go. 8 281 25 20 Ice Fire, Volt Cuff Fangs Pungent Coral, Coral Jaw
Iron Turtle A gigantic turtle with a steel-hard shell. Those who fight it find their weapons shattering. 8 474 27 26 Fire, Ice, Volt Phys Ice Slurry Century Shell, Topaz

FOEs & BossesEdit

Name Type Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Abyssal Death FOE, Boss A vicious crocodile that devours everything in its sight, constantly hungry for more meat. 5,8 1320 24 23 Fire, Ice, Volt Phys Tear Apart Crocodile Hide, (Pig Iron Fang)
Sea Wanderer FOE A gigantic fish that has lived in the abyss since ancient times, luring many to their demise. 6,8 2720 27 29 All -- Ancient Curse, Lullaby of Rest Depth Scale
Scaled Dragon FOE Its powerful jaws can easily crush human bones. It is also more agile than it may seem. 7 1552 22 22 Volt -- Charge, Charge In Water Spine, Speed Book
Ketos Stratum Boss A grand white whale that slumbers in the abyss. It uses Telepathy to speak with explorers. 8 4699 32 32 Fire Ice Great Melody, Ocean Rave, Spout, Grand Berry, Freeze Ripple Whale Fumarole, (Tough Membrane)
Glutton Beast Quest Boss A mutated turtle with an incredible appetite so insatiable it threatened the 2nd Stratum's ecosystem. 8 474 27 26 Volt Phys Ice Slurry --
Pasaran Rare A fluff monster said to bring good fortune. They are few in number and rarely seen. 5 220 18 22 -- All Self-Destruct --

Molten CavesEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Dragon Egg A common dragon egg found in the magma caves. With time, a dragon pup will hatch from it. 9-12 312 23 29 Bash Fire, Ice, Volt Shell Eggshell Piece, (Round Eggshell)
Dragon Pup Though young, its power belies its looks. It has a tendency to call on its parents when threatened. 12 410 29 28 Ice Fire, Volt Fumes Pup Horn, Small Scale
Rattle Nozuchi A distinctly-shaped snake that hides in the shadows of rocks. It tangles its foes before they can act. 9-12 328 25 21 Slash Ice Twine Red Iron Chip, (Red Iron Scale)
Flame Lynx Brilliant flames serve as a second coat of fur. Its fiery claws kill its prey without fail. 9-12 340 31 22 Ice Fire Evil Cry, Flame Claw Burning Fur, (Flame Claw)
Stegosaurus An herbivore saurian with a unique dorsal fin. It's cowardly, but uses its fin to attack when angry. 9-12 628 33 32 Fire, Ice, Volt Slash, Pierce Great Spike Stegosaur Fin, Predatory Fang
Trip Mushroom A mushroom that walks the forest on pseudopods. Inhaling its spores can cause unconsciousness. 10-12 332 24 24 Fire -- Panic Spores Muddle Hypha, Umbrella Lump
Killer Ant An ant that nests in dry areas. When it finds enemies, it binds them in place for the kill. 10-12 293 30 19 Fire -- Sticky Acid Black Fragment
Guardian Ant An ant that nests in dry areas. When it finds enemies, it makes a fort and awaits backup. 10-12 322 26 25 Fire Phys Defend Stance Red Fragment, Sturdy Timber
Cave Elephant An ancient elephant that survived through natural selection. Its charge is fearsome to behold. 10-12 718 34 33 Volt Pierce, Ice Withering Glare, Charge In Red Tusk
Flame Lizard A small, carnivorous dinosaur of the scorching forest. It flutters its wings to create wind. 11,12 364 27 27 Ice Fire Burning Wind, Fumes Dino Calcaneus, Torn Tail
Yawnypus A subspecies of the platypus that dwells in dry caverns. It always has a sleepy look to it. 11,12 400 31 30 Volt -- Yawn Flat Beak
Lava Beast A naturally occurring monster in the scorching lava regions. 11,12 388 33 34 Ice Phys, Fire Fireball Fiery Stone, Jet, (Igneous Rock)
Clawed Mole To compensate for its weakened eyesight, its claws have grown sharper. It enjoys a good prank. 12 424 35 33 Pierce Slash Crazy Swipe Soft Skin, Mole Claw
Great Anteater Its tongue evolved to let it catch prey in the magma caves. It eats ants to replenish stamina. 12 595 37 33 Fire Ice Greedy Claws, Predator Long Tongue, Green Algae

FOEs & BossesEdit

Name Type Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Mud Lurker FOE A worm that lurks in the mud, awaiting prey. It is tough and wily, and will present a pitched battle. 9 2800 38 43 Fire, Volt Ice, Strike Mud Spit, Worm Crack Elastic Skin
Mother Dragon FOE A fire dragon that came to the caves to lay its eggs. Its superheated breath is quite fearsome. 10-11 1840 42 39 Ice Fire, Volt Roar, Lullaby of Rest, Blast Assault, Blaze Sharp Wing, (Mother's Horn)
Poison Dragon FOE A poisonous lizard warped by the harsh heat of the caverns. Its fangs carry a lethal poison. 12 3032 46 41 Pierce -- Venom Fang Tripartite Horn, Vigor Book
Gatekeeper Stratum Boss A stone giant that guards the Deep City, preventing the Deep Ones from invading. 12 10000 45 42 All -- Souha Stance, Tenchi Souha Sho, Disperse Crushing Arm, (Giant's Core)
Keeper's Head Stratum Boss The giant's detached head. It is versatile and adaptable, and can deal with any enemy. 12 5000 36 36 Phys Fire, Ice, Volt Blizzard Breath, Electric Flash, Heat Ray, Malfunction Clay Horn, (Magic Circuit)
Keeper's Body Stratum Boss The giant's detached body. It has thick armor and can crush its foes with overwhelming force. 12 5000 38 37 Fire, Ice, Volt Phys Iron Claw, Line Slice, Punching, Malfunction, Critical Break Clay Plating, (Quake Leg)
Pomona Taker Quest Boss This worker ant collects the legendary Pomona fruit. Their nest is thought to be nearby. 9 813 29 20 Fire -- Sticky Acid --
Wicked Queen Quest Boss This cruel ruler of the ants in the magma caves' depths uses even its offspring as weapons. 9 8888 43 45 -- -- Empress Hammer, Throw Execution Claw, (Execution Jaw)
Attendant Boss Minion A soldier ant mindlessly roaming its nest. Alone, it is no threat, but it has many allies. 9 822 26 26 Fire -- Defend Stance --
Pasaran Rare A fluff monster drifting in the magma caves. It's said to only appear to those with pure hearts. 350 26 29 -- All Self-Destruct --

Abyssal ShrineEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Swordfish A type of flying fish with sword-like fins all over its slim, slippery body. 13-16 358 36 28 Volt Phys Gale Blade Swordfish Skin, Swordfish Fin
Aplysiomorpha This native of the undersea shrine emits a chill that freezes the feet of unwary passersby. 13-16 465 33 37 Fire Ice Frost Lap Staunch Feeler, Trileaf Stalk
Deep Medium A mage of the Deep Ones that draws on ambient spiritual power to eliminate invaders. 13-16 462 34 34 Phys Ice Fishman Drug, Icicle Ebony Nail
Deep Marine A Deep One soldier which will not hesitate to sacrifice itself for its allies. 13-16 502 41 36 Fire, Ice, Volt Slash Cover, Rush Spearhead Chip
Big Snakehead Known as a living fossil, it stores electricity in its pectoral fin to jolt anything that touches it. 13-16 844 40 42 -- -- Torpedo Hard Skull, (Dull Chest Fin)
Ptarmigan A bird with vestigial wings. Beware its cute gestures meant to catch prey off guard. 14-16 496 37 29 Fire Volt Ominous Step Gold Caruncle
Silverback A beautiful, white snake with a noble bearing that dwells in the Shrine. Its sharp fangs are lethal. 14-16 508 42 37 Phys Fire, Ice, Volt Chomp Silver Snakeskin, Crushing Fang
Otherspawn Minion of evil dwelling in the undersea shrine. It summons winds that erode resistance to ice. 14-16 424 34 35 Volt Ice Ice Burn, Summon Dryad Liquid, Flame Fruit, (Dryad Statue)
Sauroposeidon An herbivore known for its long neck. It is extremely defensive and will attack unprovoked. 14-16 880 47 39 -- -- Great Spike Monster Bone
Eerie Statue An eerie statue set up inside the Shrine. Exactly what powers it is yet unknown. 15-16 544 40 43 Ice, Bash -- Fireball Broken Rock, Corundrum, (Holed Rock)
Deep Maiden A mage of the Deep Ones which employs advanced cooperative tactics in casting its spells. 15-16 508 37 36 -- Volt Dis-Element, Zone Icicle Castor's Eye, (Wheel Blade)
Deep Raider A Deep One soldier posted to the Shrine. It wields an ice axe in concert with its allies' spells 15-16 538 38 44 Fire, Ice, Volt -- Leaping Slash, Crystal Edge Cast-iron Hilt, (Damascus Edge)
Ipupiara A beautiful Deep One that lurks in the Shrine. Its lovely, insidious voice warps the human mind. 15-16 700 38 38 -- -- Lullaby of Rest, Absorb Spirit Charmed String, Witch's Robe
Cursed Knight A knight's ghost that still roams the Shrine's halls. It now holds nothing but hatred. 16 562 47 42 Fire, Ice, Volt -- Gale Blade Ebony Shard, Magic Shard
Dementia Owl Its plate-like red eyes have driven some mad and caused the death of many others. 16 564 39 36 Ice -- Dazzling Eye Shining Feather, (Cursed Talon)

FOEs & BossesEdit

Name Type Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Freed Savage FOE A gigantic sea beast kept by the Deep Ones. When released, it pursues its prey relentlessly. 13,15 2262 49 47 Fire Ice, Volt Bite Off, Ground Shake Curved Horn
Deep Coistrel FOE A Deep One that has lived long enough to change drastically. It wields a dreadful sword. 14 2712 53 46 -- Phys Leaping Slash, Counter, Sea Guillotine Mithril Shard, Power Book
Deep Prelate FOE An otherworldly maiden with natural gifts. It uses ambient spirits to cast ruinous spells. 14 2512 44 43 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Zone Thunder, Zone Blaze, Zone Icicle Staff Stone, Queen's Bulla
Shin Stratum Boss (Deep City Route) A legendary clam beast Kujura retrieved from an eastern land. Its mirages confuse and befuddle. 16 12420 45 46 -- Ice Cold Stare, Devilish Smile, Mist Robe, Breath of Envy, Demon Kiss, Misfortune Coral Shell, (Fullmoon Crown)
Kirin Stratum Boss (Armoroad Route) A lightning beast Olympia took from the Deep City. Its dignified bearing makes its foes tremble. 16 12830 48 44 -- Volt Ripping Neigh, Divine Wrath, Imperial Pride, Retribution, Tail Swing Blue Scale, (Crimson Tail)
Progenitor Final Boss (Eldest One route) The almighty Father and Mother of the Deep Ones, he is a minion of an otherworldly god. 16 18900 58 55 -- -- Thorn Cutter, Vine Rush, Dark Breath Abyss Crystal
Roaming Spirit Quest Boss An immortal ghost that wanders in the Shrine. It seems to have been trying to lead you somewhere. 16 1562 48 44 Gale Blade --

Porcelain ForestEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Treerat A rat native to the Porcelain Forest. It is not strong, but can be fearsome when cornered. 17-20 478 45 39 Strike, Ice Fire Deadly Incisor Rat's Fang
Rotten Fruit A menacing fruit with an even more pungent smell than its brethren. Known as a delicacy in places. 17-20 545 41 38 Elemental Phys Gel Electrolyte, Stinky Mist Dawn Thorn, Crabapple
White Fox This white-furred beast's age can be deduced from the number of its tails. Some live for centuries. 17-20 (night) 635 42 41 -- Volt Lightning Call, Heavenly Bolt White Fox Fur, Sanguine Tail
Petaloid It is a dangerous plant monster, but harmless monsters are scarce within the Labyrinth. 17-20 (day) 596 39 36 -- -- Sleeper, Petals Hazard Bulb, (Dangerous Bud)
Raging Boar A gigantic boar which, once agitated, charges heedlessly until its enemy or itself is dead. 17-20 970 50 45 -- -- Bullrush Beast Skin, Iron Tusk
Forest Hare A rabbit monster of the forest. One popular story speaks of it contacting allies on the moon. 18-20 592 42 43 Pierce, Volt Slash, Strike Moon Prayer Rabbit Tail, (Rabbit Ear)
Stun Eryngii A close cousin to the Trip Mushroom, this ambulatory fungus can release paralytic spores. 18-20 551 43 41 Strike, Fire Volt Stunning Spore, Palsy Destruct Horned Cap, Stun Hypha
Claw Monkey A simian monster lurking in the Porcelain Forest. It is as cunning as it is vicious. 18-20 604 49 45 Volt -- Silent Claw Forked Tail
Peach Crow A gigantic bird with an insatiable appetite. It barely flies, but it can still crush from above. 18-20 1082 55 53 Pierce, Volt -- Diving Breath Pink Bird's Leg, Deathly Stem
Death Scorpion A scorpion monster with gigantic pincers, though the true threat is being stoned by its needle. 19-20 712 47 50 Ice Slash, Pierce Stone Needle Needle Tail, Steel Needle, Red Jasper
Medusa Tree A portion of the forest that came to life over many years. It detests humans and their ways. 19-20 685 48 47 Fire -- Venom, Branch Writhing Wood, Poison Branch
Silver Fox A beautiful fox with a sleek body. Research has shown it to be unrelated to the White Fox. 19-20 735 46 49 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Bolt Spread, Heavenly Bolt Violet Tail
Volt Cat A beautiful mountain cat which stalks its prey in the Porcelain Forest. Was once the pet of nobles. 20 984 55 51 -- Volt Thunderclap Dark Fur, (Sharp Claw)
Miasma Bud A dangerous flower in the Porcelain Forest that has a symbiotic relationship with some monsters. 20 112 51 53 Fire -- Stinky Mist, Summon Biting Vine

FOEs & BossesEdit

Name Type Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Mortal Hunter FOE The king of insects in the thick forest. Its sharp scythe-arms end explorer's lives. 17, 20 3553 70 55 -- -- Amputate, Scythe Dance Soft Scythe, (Flower Scythe)
Somnovore FOE A sheep that wanders the Porcelain Forest. Its jewel-like gaze puts you into a deep slumber. 18, 20 4201 68 55 -- Pierce Dozing Gaze, Crazed Shout Cursed Wool
Divine Judge FOE A beast worshipped as the messenger of the gods in eastern countries. It is now able to use spells. 19-20 6890 60 55 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Divine Storm, Exhaust Field, Phosphorescence Ghostly Fur, Intelligence Book, (Deathly Stone)
Olympia Final Boss (Armoroad route) An automaton created by the Abyssal King to serve as his loyal attendant and bodyguard. 20 6640 51 48 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Fortress, Cruel Stare, Restraint, Conciliate, Uzurai Machine Piece
Automaton King Final Boss (Armoroad route) The ruler of the Deep City that mechanized himself to slay the evil threatening mankind. 20 7760 55 51 -- Phys Brandish, Grasp Arm, Punishment, Liberation, Uzurai Machine Wing
Kujura Final Boss (Deep City route) A young general sworn to the Princess and the Senatus. Usually serene, but can be impulsive. 20 10480 57 49 -- Phys Charge, Demon Reaper, Falcon Thrust, War Spirit, Ouka no Mai Cursed Shard
Deep Princess Final Boss (Deep City route) Made immortal by the Deep One's power, she became tainted and lost some of her humanity. 20 14720 55 53 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Ocean Drop, Sweet Song, Dubious Mist, Thin Ice, Thunder Wrath Ominous Scale

Cyclopean HauntEdit

Regular EncountersEdit

Name Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Pandora Egg A hard-shelled monster egg. Many varieties of monsters hatch from it, so it could be anything. 21-25 688 47 59 Strike Fire, Ice, Volt, Slash, Pierce Shell Starry Shell
Cursed Shroom This recently discovered fungoid generates cursing spores to blow onto approaching foes. 21-24 2178 53 51 All -- Cursed Spores Cursed Hypha
Clionean This bizarre creature's body is filled with pure water that, if it bursts, heals its allies' wounds. 21-24 601 52 50 -- -- Change, Phoenix, Throw Fairy's Core
Dragonfly A dragonfly that evolved inside the Labyrinth. Given distance, it can break the sound barrier. 21-24 784 61 53 -- Phys Tear Apart Dragonfly Nest, (Dragonfly Wing)
Death Pumpkin An eerie vegetable given life by the many grudges of those who died within the Labyrinth. 21-24 1430 62 54 -- Phys Violent Vines, Tangling Vines, Halloween Thorny Bone, Pale Bone
Longicorn A monster that hatches from a strange egg. Much is still unknown about this species. 22-24 724 67 55 -- -- Cover, Corroding Acid, Throw Rending Jaw, Longhorn Hull

FOEs & BossesEdit

Name Type Description Found On HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Vampire Tree FOE A plant warped by the miasma found in the Labyrinth. 21, 24-25 6558 60 60 Fire -- Spirit Dry, Parasite Venom Sapping Root, Ruler's Blade

Sea QuestsEdit

Name Type Description HP AT DF Weak to Resists Skills Item Drops
Meregho Saeno Boss A monster bird that nests on Skandalia Lighthouse. It has troubled research teams for many years. 736 14 11 Ice, Pierce Volt, Slash Panic Claw, Godly Flash, Thunder Feather Slashing Nail, (Eastern Nest)
Cruel Roamer Boss A fish that used to live in nearby seas before undergoing a mutation due to the Calamity. 1022 18 16 -- -- Sea God's Anger Atrocious Fang
Sea Lobster Normal A red shrimp that lives in the sea near Batavia. Its meat is known as Batavia's main export. 172 12 17 Fire, Ice, Volt Phys Sea God's Anger Red Shell
Red Puffer Normal A pufferfish commonly seen in the Batavian seas. The poison water it spews is dangerous. 151 11 12 Phys Fire, Ice, Volt Poison Gun Dark Red Horn
Hammerhead Boss A shark with a distincly shaped head. Its attack on ships shut down the port at Ayutthaya. 2710 27 21 Fire, Volt, Blind Phys Shark Rush, Bite Off, Evil Placoid Hammer Skull, (Gray Shield)
Ghost Ship Boss The ghost of a derelict ship that appears near Tortuga Island. It is difficult to intercept. 3888 35 33 Ice Fire, Volt Baracuda, Heated Shot, Dazzling Aurora, Oil Cannon, Arrest Mine, Thunder Cannon Ghost Keel, Naval Ram
Corotrangul Boss A monstrous manta ray that appeared after the Calamity, caging the marine city ever since. 4480 34 32 Fire Volt, Ice Flood, Coiling, Aqua Veil, Ice Gaze Rending Fin, (Sea King Ice)
Bolt Striker Minion A sea slug with uncanny lightning powers. Its shriek upon death can induce panic. 214 27 26 Phys Ice Lightning Drop, Scream --
Nautilus Minion A shellfish relocated to the Sheba waters due to unnatural currents. Its main weapon is its body. 433 29 30 Fire Phys Self-Destruct --
Golem Boss A stone giant found on the island of ancient ruins. What was it built to fight...? 5555 42 44 Fire, Ice, Volt, Blind Phys, Status, Binds Multi Hammer, Triple Hammer, Regen, Reflection Statue Finger, (3-Lights Gem)
Mistletoe Normal A plant monster whose existence was only recently confirmed. 566 39 40 Fire -- Life Absorb, Poison Seeds Proboscis
Manticore Boss A new type of monster that lurks in the Dark Forest. It has long been spoken of in legend. 6569 36 43 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Petrivoice, Darkness Coil, Poison Tale, Magic Lullaby Toxic Leather, (Evil Horn)
Ruin Caller Boss A three-headed dragon that once threatened Damavand. It is revered now, but some doubt it... 5520 51 50 -- Fire, Ice, Volt Dragon Quake, Regenerate Raging Talon, (Raging Scale)
Frost Head Boss One of the three-headed dragon's heads. It wields a powerful ice breath. 740 36 34 Volt Ice Twin Ice Spear, Ice Breath, Ice Pillar, Ultimate Ruin Blizzard Bead
Flame Head Boss One of the three-headed dragon's heads. It wields a powerful fire breath. 910 40 39 Ice Fire Twin Fire Spear, Fire Breath, Fire Pillar, Ultimate Ruin Inferno Bead
Thunder Head Boss One of the three-headed dragon's heads. It wields a powerful volt breath. 860 39 36 Fire Volt Twin Volt Spear, Volt Breath, Volt Pillar, Ultimate Ruin Tempest Bead
King Penguin Boss A gigantic bird monster that nests in the Tower of Victory. Its stored fat acts as strong armor. 20000 56 48 All -- Withstand, Violent Grudge, Explode King's Fur, (Elastic Body)
Penguin Minion A bird monster that nests on the Tower of Victory. It sides with the King Penguin to guard its nest. 1440 44 45 All -- King's Gift, Run --
Scylla Boss A beautiful sea monster that threatens Aeaea. Late at night, you can hear its piteous song. 12160 54 51 Fire Ice Embrace, Cry Soul, Tentacle Princess Fang, (Princess Fur)
Leviathan Boss A sea dragon first seen after the Calamity. Ugarit's sailors fear it more than pirates. 17440 65 61 Slash, Ice Bash, Pierce, Volt, Fire Tie Up. Fumes, Cold Wave, Overeat, Fuming Snort Dragon Weave, (Tsunami Fang)
Name Stratum Type
Fanged Fish 1st Common
Deadly Durian 1st Common
Forest Frog 1st Common
Great Lynx 1st Common
Claw Shrimp 1st Common
Great Platypus 1st Common
Titan Arum 1st Common
Largebill 1st Common
Gigapede 1st Common
Venomshroom 1st Common
Spotted Frog 1st Common
Scylla Crab 1st Common
Starry Slug 1st Common
Devilfish 1st Common
Great Anaconda 1st Common
Greedy Lizard 1st FOE
Raging Tyrant 1st FOE
Furyhorn 1st FOE
Bog Lurker 1st FOE
Pasaran 1st FOE
Dragon 1st Superboss
Narmer 1st Stratum Boss
Ringed Lemur 1st Star Door
Forest Shrimp 1st Star Door
Demon Octopus 1st Star Door
Golden Idol 1st FOE
Venomfly 1st Moon Door
Calamity God 1st FOE
Whorled Puffer 2nd Common
Red Starfish 2nd Common
Hungry Coral 2nd Common
High Onnep 2nd Common
Blue Starfish 2nd Common
Great Hermit 2nd Common
Koolasuchus 2nd Common
Coral Octopus 2nd Common
King Starfish 2nd Common
High Walrus 2nd Common
Rock Coral 2nd Common
Iron Turtle 2nd Common
Abyssal Death 2nd FOE
Sea Wanderer 2nd FOE
Scaled Dragon 2nd FOE
Sea Berserker 2nd FOE
Glutton Beast (Quest) 2nd FOE
Anemone 2nd Superboss
Ketos 2nd Stratum Boss
Dragon Egg 3rd Common
Rattle Nozuchi 3rd Common
Flame Lynx 3rd Common
Stegosaurus 3rd Common
Trip Mushroom 3rd Common
Killer Ant 3rd Common
Guardian Ant 3rd Common
Cave Elephant 3rd Common
Flame Lizard 3rd Common
Yawnypus 3rd Common
Lava Beast 3rd Common
Dragon Pup 3rd Common
Clawed Mole 3rd Common
Great Anteater 3rd Common
Pomona Taker (Quest) 3rd Common
Attendant (Quest) 3rd Common
Mud Lurker 3rd FOE
Mother Dragon 3rd FOE
Poison Dragon 3rd FOE
Wyrm 3rd Superboss
Gatekeeper 3rd Stratum Boss
Keeper Head 3rd Stratum Boss
Keeper Body 3rd Stratum Boss
Wicked Queen (Quest) 3rd Optional Boss
Swordfish 4th Common
Aplysiomorpha 4th Common
Deep Medium 4th Common
Deep Marine 4th Common
Big Snakehead 4th Common
Ptarmigan 4th Common
Silverback 4th Common
Otherspawn 4th Common
Sauroposeidon 4th Common
Eerie Statue 4th Common
Deep Maiden 4th Common
Deep Raider 4th Common
Ipupiara 4th Common
Cursed Knight 4th Common
Dementia Owl 4th Common
Freed Savage 4th FOE
Deep Coistrel 4th FOE
Deep Prelate 4th FOE
Kraken 4th Superboss
Shin 4th Stratum Boss
Kirin 4th Stratum Boss
Deep Believer 4th Porcelain Door
Deep Sentinel 4th Porcelain Door
Treerat 5th Common
Rotten Fruit 5th Common
White Fox 5th Common
Petaloid 5th Common
Raging Boar 5th Common
Forest Hare 5th Common
Stun Eryngii 5th Common
Claw Monkey 5th Common
Peach Crow 5th Common
Death Scorpion 5th Common
Sickwood 5th Common
Silver Fox 5th Common
Volt Cat 5th Common
Miasma Bud 5th Common
Mortal Hunter 5th FOE
Somnovore 5th FOE
Divine Judge 5th FOE
Alraune 5th Superboss
Drake 5th Superboss
Automaton King 5th Final Boss
Olympia (boss) 5th Final Boss
Deep Princess 5th Final Boss
Kujura (boss) 5th Final Boss
Progenitor 5th Final Boss
Pandora Egg 6th Common
Cursed Shroom 6th Common
Clionean 6th Common
Dragonfly 6th Common
Death Pumpkin 6th Common
Suicide Hare 6th Common
Longicorn 6th Common
Silver Octopus 6th Common
Insectortoise 6th Common
Omnivore 6th Common
Hell Pumpkin 6th Common
Ammonite 6th Common
Tri-Pumpkin 6th Common
Longicorn Beta 6th Common
Vampire Tree 6th FOE
Dreamsmasher 6th FOE
Tentacle 6th FOE
Revelationer 6th FOE
Abyssal God 6th Final Superboss
Meregho Saeno Sea Quest Boss
Cruel Roamer Sea Quest Boss
Sea Lobster Sea Quest Common
Red Puffer Sea Quest Common
Hammerhead Sea Quest Boss
Ghost Ship Sea Quest Boss
Bolt Striker Sea Quest Common
Nautilus Sea Quest Common
Corotrangul Sea Quest Boss
Golem Sea Quest Boss
Mistletoe Sea Quest Common
Manticore Sea Quest Boss
Ruin Caller Sea Quest Boss
Frost Head Sea Quest Boss
Flame Head Sea Quest Boss
Thunder Head Sea Quest Boss
Penguin Sea Quest Common
King Penguin Sea Quest Boss
Scylla Sea Quest Boss
Leviathan Sea Quest Boss
Elder Dragon Sea Quest Superboss