"Battle cries draw woeful attention"

A habitat for dangerous giant moths which are cunning enough to attack while explorers are distracted by other beasts. A locked door lies at the center.

Moth's Garden (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

The exterior of this area is patrolled by a Dinogator that actively preys on any sheep or explorers that wander near the garden. As a result, the Moth's Garden is a refuge for many plant species (and plant monsters). To enter without being attacked, you must lure a Dream Eater near the cliff with mushrooms, where the Dinogator will devour it and enable safe entry.

This cave earns its name due to being the home of Big Moths, who do not actively chase you at all, in fact, they are blind and cannot see you even if you pass directly in front of them. Despite that, they have some very keen hearing and if you take too long battling a group of monsters they'll hear it and come running to join the fray! So it's wise to not do battle around them if you possibly can, Warding Bells can help with that if you happen to get some free from somewhere.

While mostly uneventful its quite significant in that 3 quests take place here and one of those quests has to deal with the locked door in the center which you cannot open until you've beaten the game. Though to progress in the second half of the cave, it might be worth distracting their attention so you can snag the treasure or just battle them all!

Gather PointsEdit


  • Osmunda Frond
    • A wild plant with a signature coiled stalk
    • 50 en
  • Monks Cress
    • Its vivid red coloring draws the eye.
    • 150 en


  • Strong Vine
    • Its tensil strength makes it versatile.
    • 50 en
  • Paulownia Bark
    • Quality, lightweight wood with many uses
    • 150 en


Small ChestEdit

  • C/3-3/1: Flamberge: Rapier ATK 60 Skill: Blazing Link Lvl


  • A/2-5/2: Behind the locked door you can battle Iwaopeln (Part of the Quest The ominous gale)
  • C/3-2/4: Find the Moth Eggs (Part of the Quest Moth eggs)
  • A/1-2/2: You'll find black mushrooms which give you 30 HP and 10 TP.

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs/Bosses PresentEdit


  • Moth eggs - I'm researching giant insects. Can someone go to the Moth's Garden and bring me an egg from a Big Moth?
  • The ominous gale - My name is Kohst, and I research Yggdrasil for the Empire. I have a request for -Guild Name-. Please come see me.
  • At RPGFan's Behest (QR Quest) - This is a request to slay a monster. Please slay Big Moth x3 in the Moth's Garden.

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