Mothlord (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

This king of moths wears wings the color of death, and its powder carries a debilitating poison.
Enemy Data
HP 722
AT 59
DF 60
EXP 7717
Skills Scales
Items Red Quill, Red Lymph
Weakness Volt
Resistance Fire
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Mothlords are monsters living in the two final floors of the Forbidden Wood. They are the oldest and strongest moths in the labyrinth and, as such, are fearsome opponents.

Their attack and HP are surprisingly high, they always attack in groups, usually of more than one kind of enemy, and they can easily curse your whole party in a single move, which makes these creatures a top priority to kill ASAP if you don't want to end up killing yourself by mistake. Aside from cursing, their Scales skill can also confuse your party.

They often team up with Crawlest, but sometimes a pair will be assisting a dangerous Muckdile.


  • Scales: (Uses arms) Attempts to inflict Curse and Confuse. Targets all party members.

Related MonstersEdit

Moth Lord (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Moth Lord
The king of all moths. Its vibrant colors mark the deathly poison present in its scales.
Enemy Data
HP 6978
AT 77
DF 73
EXP 37350
Skills Mince, Madness Spores, Devour Ally
Items Crimson Eye, Eerie Scales (conditional)
Weakness Pierce, Fire
Resistance None
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This Moth is encountered on the B3F of the Hall of Darkness as a FOE. They are passive and immobile until the player gets into a battle in the same room as one, upon which all Moths in the room will turn aggressive and attempt to join the fight.

Like the Big Moth before it, it can use Mince to cause serious damage, but also worth noting is Madness Spores which can spread curse and panic across the entire party.

Skills Edit

  • Mince (Uses arms): Multiple ranged cut attack to random targets.
  • Madness Spores (Uses arms): May inflict curse or panic to the entire party.
  • Devour Ally (Uses head): Damages 1 ally to raise attack.

Item DropsEdit

The Crimson Eye is used to make the Death Magatama, an accessory that resists instant kills. Its conditional drop, Eerie Scales, appears with low frequency and is used to make Amrita III'.

Related MonstersEdit

Moth Lord (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

The lord of the moths, many associate its vivid coloring with death.
Enemy Data
HP 2968
AT 79
DF 59
EXP 62000
Skills Madness Dust, Slice and Dice
Items Red Quill, Sap Belly (ingredient)
Weakness Stab, Volt
Immune Panic, Paralyze
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The Moth Lord is a monster first encountered on 29F of the Forbidden Wood. Like its predecessors, it is fond of panicking the party with Madness Dust, leaving them vulnerable to its otherwise inaccurate Slice and Dice attack.


  • As with the Big Moth, there is also a caterpillar monster usually present in their habitat as well, the Crawlest. It is unknown if they are their offspring or if its just a coincidence.

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