I'm researching giant insects. Can someone go to the Moth's Garden and bring me an egg from a Big Moth?


Quest GuideEdit

As you accept the quest, Kirtida discusses her dislike for insects:

"'re going to take...that request? I posted it up high, where I hope no one would see it...It comes from an entomologist who wants someone to bring him back a moth egg. It can be found at the Moth's Garden, naturally. Now...a word, please. You needn't try so hard on this one...I shall...I shall await your...swift...return."

You can also speak with the Monster Researcher at the bar.

"West of the Pillars, there's a cave inhabited by what's known simply as the Big Moth. I want you to find its nest and take one egg. Having one would radically change the field of entomology. But be wary of Big Moth attacks. They have terrible vision, but very acute hearing. If you get into any battles near it, it will immediately fixate on your position and give chase!"

To get to the Moth's Garden, start by luring one of the Dream Eaters close to the Dinogator. The Dinogator will pursue and begin eating the Dream Eater, allowing you passage to the Moth's Garden. You can also optionally fight through the Dinogator to reach this cave.

The Moth Egg is located in the southeast corner of the map. To even get there, you will need to get into combat in the eastern room of the cave in order to move the Moths out of the way. Don't take too long before one of them joins the battle. Slip to the corner, collect your prize (and the treasure), and return to town.

Turn in the request for a rather amusing dialogue from Kirtida:

"Welcome back. Did you find the moth, as the--What is this? Why did you bring it here without covering it up? Well, I happen to have here an empty bottle, a cork, sealing wax...and a steel lockbox with a metal chain..."
"There, much better. Now, not even explosives could dislodge the contents. I enjoy helping others, but this kind of request is the only drawback. I hope the client picks this up soon..."


  • Item: Numb Hammer - enables paralysis effect through forging
  • Exp: 2,500 per member

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