Mother Dragon (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Mother Dragon
A fire dragon that came to the caves to lay its eggs. Its superheated breath is quite fearsome.
Enemy Data
HP 1840
AT 42
DF 39
EXP 7390
Skills Roar, Lullaby of Rest, Blast Assault, Blaze
Items Sharp Wing, Mother's Horn (Conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire, Volt
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Mother Dragons are female dragons nesting in lava pools within the Molten Caves. She usually just stays in place taking care of her eggs and offspring, but get in a fight near her (even random encounters) or bully her pups, and all of the mothers will turn towards you.

They are not that powerful for the area they're found in, but their biggest threat is that there are many of them nesting together. Start a battle without a plan and you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed, and even worse, surrounded without an escape route.

Note that they will not move at night, so it may be a good idea to explore the area after dusk if either you do not wish to fight them or if you want to fight them one at a time. They also move slowly, once for every two steps you take.

Mother Dragons have three powerful attacks, Roar, Lullaby of Rest and Blast Assault. All three attacks can be countered by binding their head. Roar inflicts head bind on the entire party and will severely hamper your ability to heal with skills while Lullaby of Rest puts everyone to sleep. This move, followed up with a Blast Assault which inflicts strong fire damage to the entire party, can obliterate low-level parties. Mother Dragons have a weakness to ice.

Skills Edit

  • Roar (Uses Head): Has a chance to bind the party heads.
  • Lullaby of Rest (Uses Head): Has a chance to put the entire party to sleep.
  • Blast Assault (Uses Head): Fire elemental attack that hits the entire party.

Drops Edit

  • Sharp Wing (Worth: 555 en)
  • None.
  • Mother's Horn (Worth: 3062 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Mother Dragon's conditional drop, Mother's Horn, you must kill it with Petrify status. This can be done either by a weapon with Petrify enchantment or the Ninja's Izuna skill.


  • These monsters are pretty unique; you usually find them as FOEs, but they can appear as random battles as well, when summoned by Dragon Pups; this behavior is similar to how Snowsouls could summon a Helldra in the previous game.
  • This is one of the few (and the only non-boss) monsters whose sprite had to be cropped due to it being too big.