A dangerous flower monster found in Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey IV.

Muskoid (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Inhaling this flower's pollen can induce drowsiness in weak-willed adventurers.
Enemy Data
HP 555
AT 210
DF 116
EXP 1245
Skills Sleeper
Items Death Stem
Weakness Fire
Resistance Status, Instant Death
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Muskoids, found in B23F through B25F, are simply stronger Petaloids.

Regardless, the Muskoid is still a threat, especially when paired with much more dangerous enemies. When a Muskoid appears, make it your priority to either set kill it quickly. Just like Petaloids, they like to put your party to sleep with Sleeper.

Take advantage of their weakness to fire, but be warned that your average Alchemist won't cast a fire spell in before the Muskoid acts without the help of "1st Turn" from the Survivalist.

Skills Edit

  • Sleeper (Uses Head): Has a chance of putting the entire party to sleep.

Drops Edit

  • Death Stem (Worth: 100 en)
  • None.

Condtional Drop Edit

  • None.

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Muskoid (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Muskoid (EOIV)
A beautiful, blue flower that blooms underground. When its bud opens, there is only ruin.
Enemy Data
HP 748
AT 57
DF 56
EXP 5765
Skills Ruinous Pollen, Petals
Items Deathly Vine, Small Flower, Deathly Bud (Conditional)
Weakness Slash, Fire, Confusion
Resistance Bash, Blind
Immune Petrify
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The Muskoid is found in the Hall of Darkness. Beware! This monster is one of the most dangerous in the game for an unprepared party. The Ruinous Pollen skill can petrify a single party member, but if the Muskoid has taken any amount of damage it instead can hit the entire party and cause a lot of game overs on the spot. This is particularly problematic when they are paired with the Hollow Magus, which is fond of doing tiny amounts of damage to its allies to grant them a massive power boost. The Petals attack is nothing to sneeze at either, hitting the party multiple times for cut damage. It goes without saying that Muskoids are high priority targets.

Skills Edit

  • Ruinous Pollen (Uses Head): If closed, attempts to petrify one party member. If open, attempts to petrify the entire party.
  • Petals (Uses Head): Inflicts cut damage on multiple party members. Only used while open.

Drops Edit

  • Deathly Vine (Worth: 731 en)
  • Small Flower (Worth: 45 en)
  • Deathly Bud (Worth: 1183 en)

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Muskoid to drop the Deathly Bud it must be defeated with an instant death skill, like a Nightseeker's Assassinate.

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