Narmer is the first Stratum boss on Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, fought on B4F.

He is a gigantic, cowardly, catfish; one that only fights when cornered and runs away from its attackers once it gets the chance.

Narmer (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

This king of the catfish awaits novice explorers in a marshland. It's very difficult to finish off.
Enemy Data
HP 3281
AT 20
DF 16
EXP 5362
Skills Earthquake, Fin Smack, Mud Throw, Whisker Whip
Items Volt Whisker, Trembling Fin
Weakness Volt
Resistance None
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On the field, it appears as a black FOE that runs away. You must chase it into a corner (not the northeast corner, as that one only holds a chest). Once there, it will stay there unless you approach. And then it slips away as you get slowed by the mud. A frontal approach won't work, so you have to sneak up on it. There are two convenient passageways that will help you flank the fish on the east and west side of the room. You enter through the opening in the middle of the room and go south or north (though you can't head north in the eastern passageway) towards the fish. There should be another opening that when you go through, you will be able to catch it off guard and enter battle with a Preemptive Strike.

It has a somewhat lacking attack pattern for a boss. However be wary when it dives into the mud, since if you don't manage to quickly find the correct puddle where it is (by attacking the puddle), it will use the powerful Earthquake attack that will most likely kill most of your party. This attack can't be avoided if you entered the battle on a swamp tile since the puddles can't be attacked.

Halfway through the battle, you will be interrupted by it running away. You can go back quickly to the campground to heal or you can press the attack. You simply repeat the original process of flanking it in a corner, except there are Bog Lurkers that may impede your progress. It will heal itself for as long as it takes for you to catch it again (a very small amount every turn, however; the difference from traveling straight back to the campground and returning will be barely noticeable), so you might want to hurry. Afterwards, it will have an attacking pattern similar to the first, except there will be a lot more diving into mudholes and a lot more whipping. You should exploit its weakness to volt to kill it faster.

Skills Edit

  • Earthquake (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to the whole party. Used when submersed in the mud for to long.
  • Fin Smack (Uses ???): Deals heavy damage to one party member.
  • Mud Throw (Uses ???): Deals medium Ice damage to the front row. High chances of inflicting blind to the target.
  • Whisker Whip (Uses ???): Deals medium damage to the whole party at random. Only used when at low health.

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get its conditional drop, Trembling Fin, you must kill Narmer with only one fighter on the party. Best to do it later in the game. Also, unless you can take the heavy damage, bring someone with area damage, so you can avoid Earthquake.


  • Narmer takes 14 days to revive. However, it will only start respawing after first reaching B8F of the 2nd stratum. It will not retreat from battle on subsequent rematches, remaining in the center of the chamber.

Trivia Edit

  • Narmer may be a reference to King Narmer, whose name, when represented in Rebus , uses the symbol of a catfish. The catfish is also a very prominent symbol in one of the most famous artifacts related to him, the Narmer Pallete.

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