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The Necromancer (Japanese name) is one of the new classes in Etrian Odyssey V. They are capable of manipulating the spirits of the dead, called wraiths, using them as minions for a multitude of purposes, be it attacking, defending, spreading ailments, or healing the party. Necromancers are hence very flexible and can fill in various roles in the party, but clash with other classes like Rovers who also bring their own companions in-battle.

Legendary NamesEdit

Spirit EvokerEdit

The Spirit Evoker put an emphasis of bringing in more wraiths to the battlefield in order to fuel their other skills that become stronger based on the number of wraiths present. They enjoy a more well-rounded stat growth.

Spirit BrokerEdit

The Spirit Broker takes a more aggressive approach, sacrificing spirits to empower themselves, and even have a few offensive skills that don't need any wraiths around. These receive a stronger Intelligence and Wisdom growth.


Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Wraith Mastery Raises the ATK and ailment success rate of Wraiths. Mastery None
Summon Wraith Consumes HP to summon a Wraith with bonus health to an available slot. Support None Can be used in the field.
Life Exchange Sacrifice a Wraith to restore HP to the party. Wraith Summon Wraith Lv2
Wraith Cry Sacrifice a wraith to reduce the DEF of one enemy for 3 turns. Wraith None Lv5 and 10 increase duration.
Soul Candy Sacrifice a wraith to raise the party's elemental DEF for 3 turns.
Fierce Shield For one turn, a chosen Wraith steps in to take all hits for the party. Wraith Wraith Cry Lv2
Soul Candy Lv2
Gravekeeping May summon a Wraith after surviving a turn without taking damage. Passive None
Reincarnation May summon a new Wraith when an existing one vanishes. Passive Gravekeeping Lv3
Flame Bomb Sacrifice a Wraith to perform a ranged fire attack on all enemies. Wraith None
Poison Bomb Sacrifice a Wraith for a chance to poison all enemies. Spirit None Lv5 and 10 increase poison rate.

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Secret Wraith Arts May summon a wraith when an ally, enemy, wolf, or hawk dies. Passive None
HP Up Increases maximum HP. Stat Up None
Transfer Curse When taking lethal damage, may sacrifice a wraith to endure it and then recover HP. Passive Price of Life Lv5
Soul Trade Sacrifice a wraith to attempt to revive all fallen allies. Wraith Transfer Curse Lv5
Open Grave When an ally takes damage this turn, all wraith may retaliate. Wraith Fierce Shield Lv3
Wraith Dance All wraiths attack three times this turn, with modified damage. Wraith Open Grave Lv5
Curb ATK Up Increases ailment/bind rate. Stat Up None
Curse Bomb Sacrifice a wraith to attempt to curse all enemies. Wraith Poison Bomb Lv3
Ice Bomb Sacrifice a wraith for a ranged ice attack to all enemies. Wraith Flame Bomb Lv3
Tombstone Vice Sacrifice all wraiths to attempt to petrify an enemy. Petrify chance increases with number of wraiths sacrificed. Wraith Curse Bomb Lv3
Ice Bomb Lv3

Skill Description Type Requires Extra
Underworld Beckoning May summon a wraith at end of turn if HP is low. Passive None
TP Up Increases maximum TP. Stat Up None
Auto Summon May cast Wraith Summoning at start of battle. Passive Life Exchange Lv3
Equivalent Exchange Sacrifice a wraith for a ranged almighty attack to an enemy. Damage is based on the spirit's HP. Wraith Fierce Shield Lv3
Wraith Explosion Sacrifice all wraith for a ranged bash + fire attack to all enemies. Damage increases with more wraiths sacrificed. Wraith Equivalent Exchange Lv5
Sacrifice Sacrifice a wraith to increase attack next turn. Wraith None
Negative Energy Ranged almighty attack to an enemy. Damage strongly increases for each ally killed this turn. Slow to activate. Attack Sacrifice Lv3
Magic ATK Up Increases fire/ice/volt damage. Stat Up None
Gates of Hell Ranged bash attack to an enemy, then summons a wraith with HP equal to damage done. Attack Poison Bomb Lv5
Flame Bomb Lv5
Zombie Powder May instantly kill an enemy. If successful, summons a wraith with HP equal to that enemy's HP before its death. HP cap 9999. Support Gates of Hell Lv5


The Necromancer Unleashes Hell in Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth01:02

The Necromancer Unleashes Hell in Etrian Odyssey V Beyond the Myth


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