"The waterside where frogs sing"

A marsh where frogs croak all year round. The many puddles make for difficult footing, and explorers must beware of ambush from unexpected places.

Noisy Marsh (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

A "Hidden Dungeon" located in the central island of the Lake at B/1-1/2 of the Scarlet Pillars. It is protected by an Omnihunter, inside are several Spotted Frogs. These frogs only move in a diagonal, and will not actively chase you; however, they will move to attack you if you move into any space where they are capable of jumping. There isn't anything particularly special about this cave save for some treasure and a Crawfish pond.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Osmunda Frond
    • A wild plant with a signature coiled stalk
    • 50 en
  • Monks Cress
    • Its vivid red coloring draws the eye
    • 150 en


  • Lazurite
    • This ocean-blue mineral has long been prized
    • 50 en
  • Akaganeite
    • This vibrant red ore is popular with collectors
    • 150 en


  • Strong Vine
    • Its tensile strength makes it versatile.
    • 50 en
  • Paulownia Bark
    • Quality, lightweight wood with many uses
    • 150 en


Small ChestEdit

  • B/2-3/4: Spear Tactics (Burst skill)


  • B/2-3/3: You can attempt to catch some crawfish (even if successful you get nothing but a fun dialogue)

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs PresentEdit

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