Can you get Dangerous Petal x4 from the Petaloid in the Misty Ravine and deliver it here?

Nothing is certain

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Nothing is certain (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit


Quest GuideEdit

Another search and gather request! This time it's for the Dangerous Petal from the Petaloid which can be found as early as the B1F of the Misty Ravine. They're not particularly powerful but they can sure be very annoying so if you're level 19-22 it might be best to exercise some caution. Unfortunately the Dangerous Petal isn't always dropped so it may take a bit of time to gather 4 of them, that and for some reason they don't always appear in the random encounters.  If you kill the Petaloid in one turn the Dangerous Petal will always drop.


  • Reward: Stonard x3
  • Exp: 5000

Related QuestsEdit

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