Head to the Old Forest Mine to the west and find an Iridescent Ore. Bring it to me, and I'll officially make you Tharsis explorers."

Obtain an Iridescent Ore!Edit



Quest GuideEdit

This is the first Mission in the game, and serves as a sort of "explorers initiation". In order to explore the region around Tharsis you're going to need a Skyship. What better an initiation could there be than to retrieve the Fuel Source for your very own Skyship. Short answer, there isn't.

The Mission starts off at the entrance to the game's first cave, Old Forest Mine. You are supposed to explore the region until you find the ore you came to find. As this is the initiation, you will be introduced to most of the game concepts right away, and thus this serves mostly as a tutorial. Explore around a little bit and soon you'll meet Whirlwind. He gives you a map, teaches you how to use it, and then sets you on your way.

Along the course of your journey you will come across a Nomad Baboon. This is the game's very first FoE, and you'd do well to stay away from it. It won't chase you, and only wants to go about its business, so follow behind it to press on.

Eventually you'll reach the spot indicated on your map with a pick axe icon. This is where you can find Iridescent Ore. The trick to gathering it is to wait for one of the baboons to go by, run up to it, search the spot, and then back off before the next baboon attacks you. You'll most likely need to repeat this a few times to get the ore, but you're guaranteed to find it before the node depletes.

With the ore in hand make your way back to the entrance (There's a shortcut past the baboons if you sneak past them) and from there return to Tharsis to complete the mission.

Congratulations! You're now one of Tharsis' elite explorers.


  • Item: 1,000en (500 is given before the quest starts to help get funded)
  • Exp: 500 per party member
  • Bonus: Skyship, Ability to buy Ariadne Threads, Foodapult

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