An old mine in the forest west of Tharsis. Though abandoned, the Iridescent Ore found here that powers skyships has begun to draw traffic once more.


Wings slumbering in the forest.

Old Forest Mine (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

The Old Forest Mine is the first dungeon in the game, and you are sent here very early on. The cave's difficulty is very low for experienced players, but newcomers will quickly learn how challenging the series can be when going in unprepared. This cave will teach players most of how the game works; such as mapping, fighting monsters, and avoiding FoEs.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Slate
    • Durable Stone with high heat resistance.
    • 25 en
  • Iridescent Ore
    • Creates a rainbow gas when dissolved in water.
    • 50en


Small ChestEdit

  • A3-B4: Medica


  • B2-C5: Recieve the Map from Whirlwind.
  • C2-C5: Warning Sign (Does nothing)
  • C1-D2: Heal 15 HP followed by being attacked by five Grasseaters.
    • (Not healing here leads to a preemptive attack against a few enemies.)
  • A1-B3: Receive Medica. Dialogue option doesn't matter.
  • B3-C3: Baboon King appears here. (Only during and after the quest Rise of the Baboons.)

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs PresentEdit


  • Obtain an Iridescent Ore! - (Mission) Reach the mining point at the end of the dungeon and obtain an Iridescent Ore from it.
  • Rise of the Baboons - Baboons are going on a rampage and its endangering the lives of the new explorers. Put a stop to them and bring peace back to the Mine.

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