Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.

Olympia (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

An automaton created by the Abyssal King to serve as his loyal attendant and bodyguard.
Enemy Data
HP 6640
AT 51
DF 48
EXP 22400
Skills Fortress, Cruel Stare, Restraint, Conciliate, Uzurai
Items Machine Piece
Weakness None
Resistance Elemental
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If the party sides with the Armoroad Senatus, then Seyfried and Olympia will take it up themselves to slay the Deep One-ridden Gutrune. The party will meet them at the deepest floor of the Porcelain Forest, and despite Flowdia's pleading to her former king, the final battle will begin.

Do not be fooled by her lack of HP, as she and the Automaton King are fought together as final bosses of the Porcelain Wish route.

She backs her lord on the battle, helping him weakening the explorers, binding their body parts and even using a powerful cooperative attack with her master.

Strategy Edit

For a total battle strategy see also the Automaton King's page.

She assists the Abyssal King by increasing her defense and trying to debilitate the party. Her Restraint skill can Head Bind all party members, while Cruel Stare randomly damages and stuns. In addition, she can lower the entire party's defenses. She has no physical weaknesses and is resistant to elemental damage.

She may use Fortress to increase her own defense. Having a Princess with Ad Nihilo or stat-nullifying items works well here. Using debuffing skills (Primal Drums, Eagle Eye...) is also suggested, since unlike Seyfried's Liberation the pair has no counter against debuffs.

Every six turns, they will use a combination attack, Uzurai, which deals heavy Volt damage at random on the party. A Hoplite with full Antivolt is highly advised to anull this.

If the Automaton King is slain first, she will use a sacrificial attack Cruelty, which hits every party member. You do not obtain the Machine Piece if this happens.

Slay her first to obtain her item drop. This drop can be sold to create the Carbide Armor, the best armor available for Yggdroids. Only one unit is created per drop, and to get more copies the player will have to repeat the Porcelain Wish route.

Battle SuggestionsEdit

  • Hoplite with maxed Antivolt. (significantly reduces damage from Uzurai)
  • Monk with Refresh/Unbind/Therica A's
  • Slash Charm/Head Guard/Arm Guard (to avoid bindings)
  • Monk with Line Heal/Party Heal/Madora

Skills Edit

  • Fortress (Uses ???): Targets self, increases defense.
  • Cruel Stare (Uses ???): Random target, causes pierce damage and may stun.
  • Restraint (Uses ???): Targets all units, may bind an unit's head.
  • Conciliate (Uses ???): Targets all units, reduces defense.
  • Uzurai (Uses ???): Combination skill with the Automaton King, random target, causes volt damage.
  • Cruelty (Activated if the Automaton King dies first): Suicide attack, hits all party members for heavy non-elemental damage.

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