Omnivore (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Its mouth is easily half the size of its body, and will devour anything that does not fight back.
Enemy Data
HP 2137
AT 62
DF 61
EXP 4602
Skills Snapping Teeth, Swallow Whole
Items Infernal Scale, Infinite Tongue (Conditional)
Weakness Elemental, Physical
Resistance None
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Skills Edit

  • Snapping Teeth (Uses ???): Hits up to 4 targets for damage.
  • Swallow Whole (Uses ???): Eats a dying enemy to recover HP.

Drops Edit

  • Infernal Scale (Worth: 763 en)
  • None.
  • Infinite Tongue (Worth: 999 en)

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get its conditional drop, the Infinite Tongue, you must kill the Omnivore while its head is bound.

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