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The Petal Bridge is the fourth stratum of the Labyrinth. It is the highest point in the tree and residence of the Bird Folk. The highest point on the topmost floor, past Harpuia, is the stairway to the heavens - the entrance to the flying castle above.

The trek through this stratum is a long one. The floors are circular, shaped like a tree trunk. The party spends most of their time traversing the circumference of the floors to reach the top, only to turn around and head back down through the unexplored central areas of each floor and back up again to face Harpuia. Along the way, damage tiles return, now more potent than those in the Auburn Thicket, and 19F begins to introduce floating platforms to traverse the vast empty spaces on the floors.

A mysterious passage on 19F takes the party to the unexplored outer areas of the floors, which eventually leads them to the Storm Emperor's throne...


Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mine Chop Take Chests
16F Metal Tortoise, Prism Ladybug, Ptarmigan, Waspior, Night Flower* Luminous Bird Malachite, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Duck Nuts, Sakura Potato -- -- 3
17F Great Moth, Metal Tortoise, Prism Ladybug, Ptarmigan, Raven, Waspior, Venomous Spider, Cockatrice*, Wind Cutter*, Mad Crawler*, Night Flower* Charging Rhino -- Arc Branch, Scent Wood, Bloom Wood, Sakura Petal, Pea Pod -- 2
18F Deathstalker, Great Moth, Ptarmigan, Raven, Venomous Spider, Wind Cutter, Mad Crawler*, Night Flower*, Scissor Crab**, Lightning Drake** Great Frog, Delusion Frog, Wandering Eye** -- -- Crabapple, Unseasonal Grass, Knockberry, Uguisuna, Big Strawberry 4
19F Deathstalker, Diatryma, Great Moth, Prism Ladybug, Venomous Spider, Wind Cutter, Wrath Bloom, Night Flower*, Scissor Crab** Enraged Raptor, Storm Emperor*** Malachite, Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Duck Nuts Arc Branch, Scent Wood, Bloom Wood, Pea Pod Crabapple, Unseasonal Grass, Knockberry, Big Strawberry 2
20F Cockatrice, Diatryma, Mad Crawler, Night Flower, Raven, Wind Cutter, Wrath Bloom Luminous Bird, Charging Rhino, Great Frog, Delusion Frog, Enraged Raptor, Harpuia -- -- -- 3

*Appears in the central area of the floor.
**Appears only in the secret area.
***Appears once "The volt king's rampage" has been accepted.

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