Plated Chaser
A giant turtle whose shell is strong as armor. Though it is slow, it can charge surprisingly quickly.
Enemy Data
HP 2420
AT 41
DF 43
EXP 15633
Skills Grinder, Oil Spin
Items Armor Shard
Weakness None
Resistance Ice, Slash, Pierce, Bash
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Plated Chasers are encountered in the Golden Lair and the Underground Lake. They can slide across ice to chase you, though on land they need to pause for moments of rest and can easily be avoided in this fashion.

These are indeed very annoying, but there is a strategy that you can use to fight them. At first, focus on all out attack, healing when necessary. When it's at a bit more than half health, they'll start using Oil Spin to raise their evasioin stat. After this, focus on defending for the next two turns (On the turn after it uses Oil Spin, go Defend, Defend, then an Attack of your choice; an elemental one is preferred). Since on the third turn they will use Oil Spin once again, you can go in for an attack or two without consequence. You may also heal when necessary.

Of course, besides that, the best way to be rid of them quickly is with the Bushi class's Roar ability.

It may also help if you can bind its legs, this will stop it from using Oil Spin and Grinder.


  • Grinder (Uses Legs): Inflicts Bash damage with piercing effect.
  • Oil Spin (Uses Legs): Increases evasion.

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