Armoroll (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

A creature with armor-like hide. Though quite difficult to damage,

its attacks are negligible.

Enemy Data
HP 713
AT 298
DF 124
EXP 1025
Skills None
Items Space Husk
Weakness Fire
Resistance Physical Attacks, Ice
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Armorolls are first encountered on B24F, appearing as a random encounter during B24F and B25F.

However, these monsters never appear alone, appearing with at least another monster, including another member of its species, tending to attack with a great amount of damage.

Even though, if its fellow (Or at least one, if appear in a group of 3 or more) monster is defeated, it will only defend itself from attacks, making them relatively easy to defeat.

An Alchemist with Inferno is one of the most effective ways to defeat a group of these monsters.

Related Monsters Edit

Plated Roller (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Plated Roller
It has hard, shell-like armor, but uses it more offense than defense. Approach with caution.
Enemy Data
HP 858
AT 55
DF 61
EXP ???
Skills Ram
Items Sky Iron Shell
Weakness Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance Slash, Pierce, Bash
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The plated roller appears in the optional post-game dungeon, the Hall of Darkness. Their signature move is Ram, which does heavy bash damage to your entire party, making the presence of two or more Plated Rollers extremely dangerous as two Rams can potentially eliminate your entire party.

They are weak against leg binds which disables their ram abilities. Likewise, binding their legs will greatly turns the table as they will only be able to damage one person per turn.

Related MonstersEdit

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