In Etrian Odyssey games, the postgame is all of the content from each game that gets unlocked after you defeat the main story's final boss. Unlike other games, Etrian Odyssey's postgame is quite big, giving the player:

  • Lots of new quests.
  • A new stratum to explore.
  • Powerful new enemies to face and record.
  • Access to previously unreachable areas across the various strata.
  • Incredibly powerful superbosses that may require the player to reach or raise the level cap to challenge properly.
  • An incredibly difficult true final boss which only the best of the best can best.

The difficulty level in the postgame ramps up even further than during the main game, so you will probably spend at the very least the same time it took to complete the main storyline completing the postgame objectives.

Enjoy, and don't give up!

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