An adventurer told me that the bodies of ancient creatures are frozen in ice at the Underground Lake. I want one!


Quest GuideEdit

Go to the Dancing Peacock and speak to Kirtida to accept this quest.

"This request is from a researcher working for the Grand Court. Have you ever been to the Underground Lake? It is a frigid place, covered in ice. Some say within that ice is preserved the corpse of an ancient creature. The researcher would like you to bring its remainst here to Tharsis. But the ice is very thick... it will not be easy to remove. I suppose that is why they called upon you. Take care, and I shall await your swift return."

Head to the Underground Lake. First, the pedastal in the center of the cave must be lit. Go around until you can reach the center area in sector B2. Once you do this, the F.O.E.s frozen in the ice will be released and the frozen areas of the dungeon will turn to water, but you can also reach the body you need for the quest. It is possible to extinguish the flame afterward if you want to trap the F.O.E.s again. The body needed for the client will be in the center of the third row of C1 sector. Return to Kirtada to complete the mission.

"Welcome back. Did you manage to excavate the ancient creatures's remains? Oh, is this it? Hmm... a fossil of an ancient creature. It looks like it might get up and walk away. But those wings have a sinister cast to them... I wonder what kind of beast it was when it was alive. Well, I shall see that the researcher gets it. Here, as promised, is your reward for the request."


  • Item: Sleep Hammer - enables Sleep effect through forging
  • Exp: 40,000 per member

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