Primitive jungle
The Stratum that is just below the Emerald Grove. The second Stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, the Primitive Jungle has a different atmosphere. True to its name, there are wild plants and animals everywhere, and the vibe gives the sense of one truly being in a jungle.



Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mined Items Chopped Items Taken Items Number of Treasure Boxes
B6F Sleeper Ooze, Venom Ooze, Army Wasp, Giant Sloth, Longisguama Cutter -- -- Sap Lump, Cross Seed, Mint Leaf 4
B7F Fanged Vine, Death Scorpion, Army Wasp, Giant Sloth, Petaloid, Barbed Tiger, Slavering Vine, Firebird Alraune*, Giant Moa, Tusked Ruin -- -- -- 3
B8F Firebird, Sleeper Ooze, Fanged Vine, Venom Ooze, Barbed Tiger, Slavering Vine, World Sprout, Petaloid, Army Wasp, Towering Ooze Wyvern**, Great Dragon***, Jungle Killer, Giant Moa -- Light Wood, Entangling Ivy, Jomon Oak -- 7
B9F Giant Sloth, Glowbird, Firebird, Sleeper Ooze, Towering Ooze, Fanged Vine, Petaloid, Slavering Vine Wyvern***, Tusked Ruin, Jungle Killer Laterite, Scrap Iron, Smashed Fossil -- -- 8
B10F Firebird, Cannon Palm, Sleeper Ooze, Petaloid, Barbed Tiger, Fanged Vine, Army Wasp, Slavering Vine, Death Scorpion, World Sprout Cernunnos, Tusked Ruin, Jungle Killer, Giant Moa Laterite, Scrap Iron, Smashed Fossil Light Wood, Entangling Ivy, Jomon Oak Sap Lump, Cross Seed, Mint Leaf 4

*Alraune is an optional boss that can only be found when the quest "Phantom of the Forest" is accepted. She is located in the eastern half of B7F, which is ultimately accessible through a Violet Crystal door on B11F.

**One does not have to battle the Wyvern. It is actually very discouraged until much later into the game.

***The Great Dragon replaces the Wyvern at B8F after its associated quest, "The dread Wyrm", is accepted. Defeating it will raise the level cap by 10. Once the Great Dragon has appeared, the Wyvern will respawn in B9F.


Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth II - Primitive Jungle04:21

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth II - Primitive Jungle

  • Cutter
  • Sleeper Ooze
  • Venom Ooze
  • Army Wasp
  • Giant Sloth
  • Alraune
  • Giant Moa
  • Death Scorpion
  • Petaloid
  • Firebird
  • Wyvern
  • World Sprout
  • Glowbird
  • Cernunnos
  • Tusked Ruin
  • Jungle Killer
  • Barbed Tiger
  • Fanged Vine

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