Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.
Princess Violetta
Personal Details
Status Deceased (as of post-game)
Age 100+
Gender Female
Professional Details
Affiliation Former Daughter of the Mark/Black Guardian
Voice Actors
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Princess Violetta was a chosen Daughter of the Mark a hundred years prior to the events of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight.

Personality Edit

She often described by Bertrand as a very selfless person, always thinking about other people's wellbeings. At the same time, she has been described as very inconsiderate as well since she often does things without thinking about what others would think. Not to mention, Bertrand and she both agree that she is also very stubborn and steadfast

History Edit

Violetta was a Daughter of the Mark of Caledonia a hundred years prior to the events of EO2U. She was given Bertrand to escort and protect her through the ritual through the temple of Ginnungagap. Yet, when reaching the Gate of Boundaries, a serious family issue arose for Bertrand. Bertrand was torn between assisting his family and finishing the ritual. But, since Violetta was so selfless, she chose let Bertrand go and wait in Ginnungagap for him to return. It took Bertrand longer than expected and during that time for some unknown reason, Violetta was mortally wounded. As she was dying, she chose to take on the title of the next Black Guardian in Bertrand's place; perhaps it was because she wished for Bertrand not to spend the next hundred years in isolation within Ginnungagap. Because of this, an anomaly occurred and because of her minuscule amount of power compared to that of a Fafnir Knight, the power used to maintain the upper floors of Ginnungagap fell to ruin in order to preserve what power was left to seal the core. Thus, she lived on as the Black Guardian for the next century.

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