Queen Ant (also refered to as Royalant and Wicked Queen) is the queen of the ant army that often terrorizes the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. She is not as powerful as one would expect, but has the nasty habit of endlessly summoning many ant attendants of varying powers to aid her in battle, making it quite a difficult battle as some of her attendants have FOE stats.

She appears on Etrian Odyssey and its remake as a mandatory miniboss, and on Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, as an optional boss.


Royalant is one of the two stratum bosses of Azure Rainforest.


Tremendous ant queen of the Azure Rainforest. Attended by giant

guardian ants.

Enemy Data
HP 5500
AT 204
DF 80
EXP 6000
Skills Crunch, Hammer, Duster
Items Death Claw, Ant's Jaw
Weakness Volt
Resistance Ice
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Royalant is a very challenging boss, and this battle, if not properly prepared, can extend itself for several turns.

Before starting the fight, having means to recover TP is highly recommended, as you will be using your full arsenal on this fight, and Amritas should be available at this point.

At first, she fights by herself, however, as the battle rages on, Bloodants will join the battle, and help in damage dealing. They will keep respawning until the queen is dead. Even so, the ones already in battle will continue fighting until killed.

Royalant, like the previous bosses, can hit fast and hard, and has skills that will make the battle much harder. Duster is her main attack, she uses it to inflict blind on the whole party, causing attacks to be harder to land. Crunch deals very heavy damage to a single target, and Hammer hits multiple times for moderate damage. When close to death, she uses Ant Aura to recover HP. Not only she can hit multiple targets for heavy damage, but also summon Bloodants, which are FOEs. Worse yet, even if she dies, the ants in battle will continue fighting, and the Bloodants will summon Deathants, prolonging the battle even more, possibly exhausting your TP, and leaving you both vulnerable and with low offensive power. Cases of players who defeated Royalant, only to lose to her minions, aren't rare, so be careful.

Once again, Defender and Immunize are vital to your survival. A medic with healing skills, including Salve is also recommended. Also, Refresh helps to get rid of the annoying blind status. However, like the previous bosses, being overly defensive will not guarantee your victory, so a good offensive force is a must. A protector, along with Defender, can use Smite, to help on damage. A survivalist with Apollon can deal great amounts of damage to her, if properly equipped with a good bow and boosted. Multihit can also help against her minions. If you have an alchemist, Thunder can deal good damage to her. Also, Thor is helpful, killing any surviving ants. A landsknecht can either work cooperatively with your alchemist, using Shocker for great damage. You can also use Allslash or Tornado to kill her minions. Dark Hunters arent very effective, as each skill they use binds a different body part, and as a boss, she has immunity to negative status. You can try attacking with Ecstasy, but it wont be much of a help. Troubadours, are very welcome, as they can cast Shock and Taranis, to increase elemental damage and Bravery to increase attack power. Healing can help too, allowing constant HP recovery, without need of your medic wasting their precious TP. Although its a bit unlikely you already have one, a Ronin can deal some ridiculous damage with Midareba or Raizuki, although you have to watch out for both their low defenses (even with buffs) and low TP.

Attacks Edit

  • Duster: Low chance of inflicting blind status on the whole party. Uses often.
  • Crunch: Deals very heavy, crush damage to a single party member. Damage often fatal.
  • Hammer: Deals moderate, crush damage to random targets. Hits 4-5 times.
  • Ant Aura: Recovers a moderate amount of HP.

Related MonstersEdit

Queen Ant (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

Queen Ant
Tremendous ant queen of the Azure Rainforest. Attended by giant guardian ants.
Enemy Data
HP 6965
AT 38
DF 27
EXP 32800
Skills Queen's Verdict, Duster, Ruler's Eye, Crunch
Items Death Claw, Ant's Jaws (conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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While Queen Ant keeps her original role in the remake, her fight has been revamped, and she is overall a lot easier than her original incarnation.

Strategy Edit

Before engaging in combat, it's highly recommended to destroy all the four eggs present on her room. All of them will continuously spawn ant FOEs that will aid their queen, making the fight a lot harder than necessary.

Queen Ant's main attack, Duster, will lower everyone's accuracy and sometimes inflict blindness. This is extremely annoying, making powerful attacks miss and prolonging the fight. Having skills that improve the party's accuracy or binding her legs is recommended to counter this. Refresh or Therica Bs can help in case she manages to blind a damage dealer. Ruler's Eye inflicts confusion on a single party member, and isn't that much of a concern in most cases. Crunch inflicts heavy damage upon a single character, the damage often being fatal on characters with lower defense. Queen's Verdict, while being weaker, hits multiple times, and may pose a threat if your party has low health.

Overall, this fight isn't very difficult, not being very demanding on defense or healing, so you can focus more on the offensive. Having a protector with Defender and Provoke does help, but isn't mandatory. Bindings are hard to use, since she has a variety of skills, but binding her arms stop both of her offensive skills, and legs keep her evasion low and stop Duster. Her defense is somewhat high, so focusing on elemental attacks is recommended, although powerful charged attacks will be effective either way. As long as you destroy her eggs and bring a few TP recovery items, she shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Conditional Drop Edit

In order to get her conditional drop, Ant's Jaw, you must defeat the boss while her head is bound. Selling the Ant's Jaw unlocks Heaven to Hell, the strongest whip in the game.

Attacks Edit

  • Queen's Verdict: Medium damage upon random targets. Hits 3-5 times.
  • Duster: Lowers the entire party's accuracy and has a low chance of blinding them.
  • Ruler's Eye: Inflict confusion on a single target.
  • Crunch: Heavy damage on a single target.

Wicked Queen (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Wicked Queen
Wicked Queen
This cruel ruler of the ants in the magma caves' depths uses even its offspring as weapons.
Enemy Data
HP 8888
AT 43
DF 45
EXP 27,000 - 27,800
Skills Empress Hammer, Throw
Items Execution Claw, Execution Jaw (conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance None
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Wicked Queen is a optional boss fought on Molten Caves. In order to face her in combat, you must take the quest Ant Agony beforehand.


She will continually summon Pomona Takers and Attendants throughout the fight. These should be taken out as fast as possible to prevent her using them as ammunition for Throw. Her ants are essentially glorified versions of the normal ants in the stratum, and can use the same skills- the evasion-reducing Sticky Acid for Pomona Takers and Defend Stance for Attendants, which is another incentive to eliminate them quickly. Binding her arms can be helpful, as this prevents her from using Empress Hammer, which deals decent damage.

Conditional Drop Edit

To get her conditional drop, the Execution Jaw, you must kill her while she is sleeping.

Related Monsters Edit

Queen Ant (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Queen Ant
She commands a host of giant ants, constructing vast nests which obstruct adventurers.
Enemy Data
HP 17000
AT 85
DF 68
EXP 220000
Skills Queen's Verdict, Duster, Ruler's Eye, Crunch
Items None
Weakness Ice, Leg Bind
Resistance Fire, Stun, Fear, Curse, Panic, Paralyze, Blind, Head Bind
Immune Death, Petrify, Arm Bind
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The Queen Ant and the rest of the Seven Kings are fought in this game in the downloadable quest Treasures Untold.

Like Fenrir before her, she has gained a massive amount of HP and stats to pose a challenge to postgame parties. She also begins the battle flanked by 2 Bloodants and 2 Guardants which frequently use Attack and Defense Unit to buff her up. Picking off the ants may seem attractive as it removes the support she receives, but it would be best to burst down the Queen before the battle drags on for too long - mainly because there are 4 more bosses to be fought in sequence without a chance to rest.


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