As per usual, the Quest system makes a return in Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. This time, they can be taken from the bulletin board in Butterfly Bistro. In addition to the regular quests, there are also the brand new Sea Quests that can be taken from the Inver Port.

Just like in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard, "town" quests in Etrian Odyssey III also reward EXP in addition to money and items. However, certain quests will reward the player more if they manage to exceed the quest giver's expectation, such as hunting more monsters than needed or fetching more of the requested items than specified. Just like in the previous games, most of the town quests are unlocked as the player progresses through the floors of the labyrinth.

New to the game is the Sea Quests. Sea quests are unique in that all of them involving helping an NPC partner in certain fights along the locations the player charted on the ocean map. Sea quests can be repeated many times, but only the first completion rewards items to the player. Another difference is that sea quests are unlocked as the player discover new areas by ship voyages. Sea quests can be done solo or co-op by using wireless connection.


Name Reward
Butterfly Bistro's new menu Tent x3, 1000 EXP
I am gathering ingredients to make a new frog dish for my restaurant! It couldn't get any easier than this!
After completing Prelude to the forest, you can accept this quest to collect twenty bear asses. Classic. Well, just 3 Slimy Legs and 1 Frog Cheek, so go and kill as many Forest Frogs as needed.
The fisherman's rest 100en, 500 EXP
I'm looking for a place I can sunbathe where nobody will find me and I'll be safe from monsters.
Alright. So, this quest is available after the completion of Prelude to the forest mission. Just go to the dead end in A2 from when you were mapping the first floor and interact with it. Quest complete and go grab your reward. Keep in mind since this is a sunbathing spot that you have to come here during the daytime to trigger the event (7am - 7pm).
Tanniyn hunting Ariadne Thread x2, 1500 EXP
This is the Armoroad Fishing Committee. One of Armoroad`s tastiest exports is its local tanniyn. Please catch one.
An introduction to tannyin hunting. You can accept this quest starting from B2F onward. This is a rather simple quest; simply hop on over to Inver Port and look for the giant fish icon nearby. Just fish it about twice and then turn it in. It would be smart to equip the casting net as well just for that little extra something-something. Then just go back and report the results for your reward.
Ho! The gigapede! Pedant's Book, 1500 EXP
I want you to get me a Gigapede leg. I hear they make really good bait!
Another B2F quest, you have to go into the Labyrinth at night to challenge a Gigapede on B2F. Anyways, kill as many as necessary to acquire that loot and then report the quest. Make sure you don't sell it.
Request from the Firm Volt Hammer, 1000 EXP
This is the owner of Napier`s Firm. I need Small Flowers to make Nectar... Let`s discuss this more in person.
Again, from B2F onwards, this quest is available. You need to talk to Edie first to complete the quest, regardless of you having sold Nectar to her before or after accepting the quest. Either way, just harvest at one of the Take spots on B2F and sell it. Talk to Edie and collect your reward. No doubt Nectar will become fairly handy for forays into the forest.
The bond between guildmates Poison Hammer, 1750 EXP
This is Bouz, a member of Pale Horse. My comrades went into the forest a week ago and haven't come back! Find them!
This quest can be taken once you have reached B3F. You'll need to head to certain waypoints in the Labyrinth to finish the quest. The first event is at the junction at BF2-D4. Afterwards, they give fairly explicit directions to follow, namely: go back to the Bistro to find the Bertram Guild member, go to BF2 campgrounds and talk to Olympia for a diary page, defeat the event monsters along the river at BF3-D3 and finally head to the BF3 campgrounds. With this, the quest is mostly done and you can head back to the Bistro for a plot twist and some rewards.
Man versus nature Medica II, 400EXP (Normal)

Medica II x3, 2250 EXP (Best)

This is the Armoroad Farming Committee. We're calling on skilled Farmers to share knowledge of crop development.
This quest becomes unlocked as soon as you reach B3F. All you need is have a level 2 Farmer and report the results. If you have a higher-leveled Farmer, you can receive up to triple the reward, which is quite nice.
Amber delight 600en, 3500 EXP
I am Espierre, and I travel the world in search of delicacies. I have yet to taste the honey of the Amber Bee.
This quest takes place on B4F. As you go through the floor, you will probably end up mapping the dead end in 4-A of the level. Check it out, and you will be prompted to get that hive down. Now, Missy would've told you the procedure for taking the hive down. Following it only keeps you from random encounters and unnecessary damage. So, firstly, smoke the hive. Secondly, climb the tree. Thirdly, cut the hive off of the branch. Congratulations! You have acquired an entire hive. Bring it back for the reward.
The fish festival Amrita x3, 5000 EXP
The annual Fish Extermination Day will take place on B4F. All explorers are encouraged to participate!
This is a rather tedious quest since once you enter B4F, you automatically initiate the quest. You have to kill at least 15 points worth of fish (both Fanged Fish and Devilfish) to complete the quest. However, if you want better rewards, kill upwards of 30 points worth of fish (third place), 40 points worth of fish (second place) and 50 points worth of fish (first place). Once you feel like you're done (just keep killing until the prompts stop suggesting you to kill even more fish) you can high-tail it out of there for your reward. Keep in mind that you can wait for the Devilfish to call in more Fanged Fish to kill.

Battle Strategy:

Bring in some recovery items, as you can't return to Armoroad while exterminating the little devils. Prince(ss) are pretty excellent in extending your party's survivability, as their Royal Veil, Triumphant Cry and Monarch March can restore lost HP to lighten the load of your items. Also, while waiting for fish reinforcements during battle is preferred if you want to reap the best reward, make sure to silence a fish as fast as possible when their troop start grinding their teeth. Frying them with Fire Star will do the trick.

Letter in a bottle I Shock Oil x3, 500 EXP
I found a letter in a bottle on the beach. I want to write back, but I don't know what to say. Please help me.
This quest is available after reaching B4F. This is a rather simple quest. So firstly, accept the quest (obviously) and go talk to the innkeeper at Aman's Inn (also, if you didn't know what gender the little kid was, this quest reveals the answer). Opt to talk to everyone else first (except Flowdia, because she is useless for this quest) and then go back to the kid and suggest any of the ideas (the crossbow one isn't available) that the townspeople put forth. Report the results after.
Too close to home Fire Hammer, 5000 EXP
An unusally strong monster has appeared on B1F. It needs to be killed before it finds its way into Armoroad!
First things first, the quest description lies. Surprisingly, you won't be fighting one monster, but three. Also surprisingly, they are Greedy Lizards. Hopefully by now, you've only been hampered in your genocide of Greedy Lizards by their respawn rate, so go for the gold and kill the three of them. They shouldn't be hard to find, as they will show up on your map.
Messages from aeons past I Spatha, 4500 EXP
I've heard rumours of a fossil lode on B5F. If they exist, I could learn so much from them! Can you find them?
A rather simple quest, as long as you avoid the Abyssal Death in C3 or are capable of killing them really easily. This is the beginning of your affiliation with a certain Professor Scott. Be very certain to speak with the man in the Butterfly Bistro (gather information) before going down. The entrance to this "motherlode" is in C2. Just interact with the wall (in the southern bit next to the Abyssal Death) and you will enter a secret grotto. Loot the chests, check the wall for the fossils and then go back for your reward.
Clinic's request 1500en, 8000 EXP
I work for the Armoroad Clinic. My stock of Thick Throat used to make cough medicine is running low.
For this quest, you'll have to be on B6F. If you already talked to "Scavenger Toma" in the bar and bought some sweets for the glutton, you'll already know how to get the Thick Throat. If not, Missy tells you anyways: kill a Koolasuchus with Volt. Go risk your life so someone can get that life-saving cough medicine. Well, maybe it is a seriously fatal cough. The more medically educated can think this one through. Just one will do, but don't sell it and bring it back to Missy.
Statue of salvation Panic Fleuret, 6000 EXP
I was in the Labyrinth the other day, and I was at Death's door when a strange statue saved me. Can you thank it?
You are given a quest item to deliver to a certain location in the dead end on B6F. Specifically, the dead end in C3. Mind you, when you deliver the offering, the statue will completely recover all of your HP and TP and it's a one-time deal. You can just finish the quest quickly or save it for a free heal later on. Either way, once you are done you just have to report the quest to Missy.
Deep blue Sleep Hammer, 1800 EXP
I hurt my back the other day, and now I can't go get the material I need to make Armoroad Dye... Can someone help?
This one is a harvest quest, so bring along someone who can chop. You just need to go to B7F and chop for some Indigo Pith. Keep in mind that you must turn in the item and not sell it. It's a rather simple quest.
Professor Scott's all-nighter Pole Stone, 9750 EXP (Normal)

Pole Stone x5, 9750 EXP (Best)

For some reason, starfish are gathering together on B7F at night. Why? I don't know. That's where you come in...
This quest is a bit difficult if you can't deal with King Starfish too well (or you just can't deal with a three wave battle). The event prompt will be on B7F (go figure) and in the dead end in D5, by the stairs. It will ask if you feel like staying or going a couple of times. Saying yes all three times and killing all the starfish will net you the greatest reward.

Battle Strategy:

Watch out when the three starfish types are right at the field (Red, Blue and King) as they would prepare their Limit skill, Blood Dine. As with any other enemy Limit skills, kill one of the participants to cancel it. Mace-wielding Gladiators are godsend here, as a Charged attack can usually one-smash a Starfish.

Unknown mutation Power Book, 12000 EXP
This is Scott, the monstro-biologist. I want someone to investigate the mutant monster unbalancing B8F's ecosystem.
The monster for this quest can be found in B2. You will find some monster corpes in a dead end and upon investigating them, you will be cornered by a Glutton Beast. Its like an Iron Turtle, but has more HP. Kill it and the quest is ready to be finished.
Lost treasure Amrita II, 11500 EXP (Normal)

Amrita II x3, 11500 EXP (Best)

This is Ruffalo, a traveling adventurer. My prized knife was stolen from me. Could someone' help me find it?
This quest is a bit of a trek, but there is minimal fighting involved. It's a simple matter of following the prompts. Speak to the Innkeeper, the blond man in the bar and the guard in B1F (by the waterfall in the first clearing in D3). Eventually, you will be asked to accuse someone of theft. While you can pick on anyone on the list, the reward would be minimal and Missy would scorn you. Spoiler alert: Pick the blond man and confront him, and you will get the best result for this quest.
Wishing on a branch Ice Hammer, 10000 EXP
I've heard that is you hang a blue shining branch from the Labyrinth out of your window, your wishes come true!
The way to the branch is a bit rough and you will have to wade through a few magma tiles (magma since underground, maybe) to get to it. It will be on B9F in dead end beyond the lava tiles in E4. There are actually two dead ends, so you will have to go for the southernmost one still in E4. It is also the one that requires you to walk through the most magma tiles. The reward is rather nice, especially for the upcoming rest of the Stratum.
The gourmand's demands Madora, 15000 EXP (Normal)

Madora x3, 16500 EXP (Best)

This is Espierre! The tales talk of a legendary Pomona Fruit found only in Armoroad! I must have it!
The ants that collect the Pomonas are on the 9th floor and they spawn on the left side of the map. After you followed and killed the first ant, you can collect the fruit. Three more ants will spawn, leading to other trees. One fruit is fine if you just want to finish the quest, but more fruits will increase the reward.
Letter in a bottle II 2x Frost Jar,
Elly wrote back to me, but it sounds like there's something terrible happening in her hometown. Please help!
After discussing the Plague with the innkeeper, go to Angie in the Twilight Tavern and bring her the Scarlet Sage she asks for to make the cure, then return to the inn.
Messages from aeons past Sonic Dagger
This is Scott, the monstro-biologist. My research on the fossils continues. Can you find Monster Bones for me?
Simply bring back the skeletal drops of a Stegosaurus, Cave Elephant and Flame Lizard; that is, Predatory Fang, Red Tusk, and Dino Calcaneus.
Searching for springs 2000en
It seems there's a hidden hot spring with its source in the lava caverns. I'd like someone to investigate this.
The three springs are on the 10th floor; one in A7 (4,3), one in A1 (2,4) and the last in A3 (2,1).
The sculptor's request Speed Book
I am Tursel, a sculptor in Armoroad. My next piece requires a piece of obsidian, so I need someone to get it.
Deliver 3 Igneous Rocks, which can be obtained by killing Lava Beasts with Ice damage.
Ant agony Vigor Book x3
My guild went to pick Pomona Fruit the other day but we were attacked by ants. Only I survived... Please avenge them!
On the 9th floor, there is a shortcut on E2 (2,3) that leads to a passage where the the Wicked Queen resides.
Filling the Monstrous Codex Head Hammer
It is the duty of all explorers of Armoroad to report on the ecology of monsters within the labyrinth.
Pfft, no it isn't. Anyway, just head to the Senatus and update your Monstrous Codex. Exactly how much is required is unknown.
The jeweler's request Panic Guard + 2,900 exp or

Gale Amulet + 3,200 exp or

Critical Belt + 3,500 exp

My name is Finity, and I craft accessories. I'd like some materials that can be mined in the Third Stratum.
Deliver Corundum for a Panic Guard, Clastic Rock for a Gale Amulet, or Pyrargyrite for a Critical Belt. These can be mined in the 11th and 12th floors.
The shrub fruit Kotegiri
I'm looking for fruit I can use to make herbal medicine. I heard it can be found on a shrub inside the Abyssal Shrine.
The fruit is in the dead end of the 13th floor; D6 (4,3) to be precise.
Elval's Hobby I 3rd Place: (100 points), Metopon x2, 4000 exp

2nd Place: (150 points), Metopon x3, 4500 exp

1st Place: (250 points), Metopon x5, 5000 exp

I have indulged in every possible luxury and the ennui is like to destroy me. I seek stimulation!
Defeat as many Third Stratum monsters as you can within 24 hours. Each monster is worth different points, special bosses such as Wicked Queen and Gatekeeper excluded. You need a minimum of 30 points or you're disqualified. The game will tell you whenever you breach a new rank, so just keep killing Mother Dragons and Poison Dragons for highest points.
Statues of limitation Paralysis Hammer
When I entered the hall on B14F, a statue suddenly blocked my way, and I can't get any further. Get rid of it!
In A4/A5 of the 14th floor, entering the room will cause said statues to appear to block all doors if this quest is active. The easiest way to solve the puzzle is to push all the buttons except X once. Also, the statues don't get logged in your Codex, so there's no point trying to kill them.


Sea QuestsEdit

Skandalia Lighthouse Edit

The Skandalia Lighthouse is the first marked target on your sea map. It is currently taken over by a big bird, the Meregho Saeno.

If you try to reach the Lighthouse from the front, the monster will attack and destroy your ship. Therefore, you need to sail around the isle to approach the Lighthouse from behind. This will unlock the Sea Quests for this area.

After defeating Meregho Saeno once, you should return to the lighthouse once again to get an objective: recover Terra Rossa. It is found on an island in the South Ocean (B2). Once you brought the Terra Rossa to the lighthouse, you can collect your rewards: a 100-En Coin and the Tome Page.

Name Partner/Reward
The swallow's cowry Ninja Kirikaze

Kirikaze's Hood

A lone ninja searches for a treasure called the Swallow's cowry for her master. She believes the monster at the lighthouse may be the key.
Stargazers Zodiacs Pollux and Castor

Pollux's Record

A man calling himself the Zodiac of Fire wishes to view the stars from the top of the lighthouse. But he and his brother cannot fight the monster alone.
A princess' trial
A princess from the north has come to the ocean city with her hoplite to take her royal trial.She must defeat a monster to earn the throne.

Trade City of Batavia Edit

Once a famous trading point in Armoroad seas, this city is now very difficult to access due to tidal waves and swarms of underwater monsters...

Once found, returning to Batavia will give you an objective: recover a Black Pepper shipment. It is found in the reefs directly east of Batavia. Once brought back to Batavia, you can collect your rewards: a 500-En Coin and the Weapon Tome IV.

Ayutthaya Port Edit

Known for their famous craftsmen and ship builders, the trade port of Ayutthaya is having difficulty lately due to a terrorizing gigantic shark settling near the trade route.

Once found, returning to Ayutthaya will give you an objective: finding their missing shipwright. You are told that he has a fondness for Sheep Cheese. Going back to the island where you originally acquired the Sheep Cheese will spur a new event, namely where you tell the shipwright to actually do his job. Return to Ayutthaya Port to collect your reward: a 500-En Coin and the Weapon Tome I.

Tortuga Island Edit

This island is a nest of pirates in the ages past, and some still do scurry around nearby. Found in the waters ans shores are remnants or broken ships, devices and cannons. Legend says, that deep in the cavern lies the buried treasures from the golden age. Legend also speaks of a certain spectral vehicle, skimming on the narrow bay...

Once found, returning to Tortuga Island will give you the Culverin Cannon required to fight Red Pirates and enter the North Ocean. However, you still cannot enter the North Ocean until you have acquired an extra ship parts slot as the Foremast is a compulsory item to reach the First Foothold.