Raging Raptor
A giant raptor making its home in the mountains. It creates gale winds to immobilize its prey.
Enemy Data
HP 2540
AT 45
DF 40
EXP 11920
Skills Ripping Claw, Raging Wings
Items Raptor Wing, Raptor Claw (Conditional)
Weakness Pierce, Volt
Resistance None
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The Raging Raptor is seen flying at the high elevation on you first journey into the Sacred Mountains but it is harmless, as it cannot change elevation, nor can you reach its height at that point. Once the player attains high elevation they can rise to its level and challenge it.

Raging Raptors patrol fixed paths, moving in an oblong path up to 2 squares per player step. They respond well to fish and fruits, and feeding them the Dragon Carp (from the Cloudy Stronghold) or the Golden Goose (from the Windy Plains) turns them into a rare breed.


  • Ripping Claw (uses legs): Melee cut attack to 1 party member.
  • Raging Wings (uses arms): Ranged cut attack to the entire party, may blind.

Conditional DropsEdit

In order to get Raptor Claw, you must kill the Raging Raptor while its legs are bound.

Related MonstersEdit

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