Raging Tyrant (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Raging Tyrant
Raging Tyrant
A gigantic hippo that lives near rivers. It appears dimwitted, but do not take it lightly.
Enemy Data
HP 1072
AT 20
DF 18
EXP 3212
Skills Charge, Crush
Items Hippo Tusk, Luck Book
Weakness Fire
Resistance Slash, Bash, Pierce
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On B3F, you will eventually reach three large rooms with the first red (and therefore, aggressive) FOEs in the game; the Raging Tyrants. These monsters usually hold their ground while watching your movements, but if you get too close, these territorial creatures will start to chase you through the room.

If you engage them, you will discover that these FOEs are gray and red hippos that can swim, to the surprise of some adventurers. These are the hardest FOEs you will encounter within the open areas of the 1st Stratum, so preparation is paramount.

They can use Charge to increase the damage they deal in the following turn. This can be devastating if combined with their Crush attack, which inflicts damage to everyone on the front row. Raging Tyrants are resilient and quite difficult to put down, not unlike a real-life hippo. Luckily, these ones aren't as fast as an olympic sprinter, so you should be able to set up your party adequately before it attacks, but it is advised to avoid them until you can kill all other FOEs of the first stratum with ease.

Their rare drop, Luck Book, permanently increases a character's luck by 1 point, so try to fight them with as many farmers that have learned "Waste Not" as you can to ensure you get these.

Skills Edit

  • Charge (Uses Head): Increases the power of the next attack.
  • Crush (Uses Legs): Damages one target and also hits adjacent party members.

Drops Edit

  • Hippo Tusk (Worth: 225 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.


  • Real life hippos may look like gentle giants, but they are actually aggressive behemoths and hate human presence; their human body count is way higher than crocodiles' (which they also attack) even though they are not carnivores.